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I used to think dogs in strollers were hilarious. In fact, I often still do. It’s kind of ridiculous to see a dog in a stroller when they should be walking. Sometimes, you even need to do a double take to make sure they’re a dog and not a human baby. But I’ve recently learned that laughing at dogs in strollers is not a good idea.

The reason is that some dogs actually need strollers. You can roll your eyes all you want, but some dogs can’t walk on their own, so it’s not fair for them to not get to experience the world like other dogs. So, next time you see a dog in a stroller, instead of being rude to them, please consider the reasons the dog could be in that stroller.

When is it Acceptable for Dogs to Use Strollers?

Despite popular belief, there are actually some acceptable times for dogs to use strollers. They’re not for your typical dog, but there are plenty of pups who can benefit from them.

For Dogs with Special Needs

As sad as it is, some dogs can’t walk. There are many dogs who need to use a wheelchair to get around or they just hop on two legs. While they can get around those ways, it can be extra tiring for them. So, a stroller is a good way to help them explore new places without becoming exhausted or in pain.

For Senior Dogs

Senior dogs are the same way as special needs dogs. As they get older, they might not be able to move around as well as they did before. They might love being outside, but their old joints might not be able to handle long walks anymore. So, using a stroller allows you to still take them on the strolls they love.

For Dogs with Behavioral Problems

Some dogs are aggressive while on a leash and some act out whenever they meet strange humans or dogs. A little training can go a long way here, but many humans don’t like to leave their dogs behind, no matter how badly behaved they are. Keeping them in a stroller is a way to bring them with you without putting anyone else at risk.

In Busy Areas

Crowded spaces are dangerous for dogs, especially if they’re small. I always fear that I’ll get stepped on in busy areas. So, a stroller can keep your dog safe from everyone’s feet if you’re passing through a busy city.

NOT if Your Dog is Lazy

Some humans simply use strollers because their dogs are stubborn or lazy. I’m both stubborn and lazy, but I know I don’t need a stroller. If I used a stroller, I wouldn’t be getting the essential exercise I need, so I would only be gaining weight.

Plus, then your dog would never get to experience things, which could cause them to act out. So, strollers should only be used if your dog absolutely needs them, not just if you think they’re cute and convenient.

When in Doubt, Be Kind!

A lot of humans have the urge to say rude remarks when they see dogs in strollers. That’s just not okay! People need to learn to be nicer to each other because you never know what’s going on in someone else’s life. Odds are, that dog needs a stroller for medical reasons, so consider that before you judge.

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One thought on “Don’t Be So Quick to Judge a Dog in a Stroller

  1. I have many friends who use, or used, a stroller. Mainly due to their age, or they have been recovering from operations such as Cruciate Ligament repair. We need to be able to get outside, have fresh air in our lungs, sniff the scents etc. One of my best friends called Raffa had a stroller toward the end of her 13 years. She was gradually losing the use of her rear legs and was always up for a walk so the stroller was taken along so she could walk for as long as she could, and then could rest a while. In fact she also had use of a kayak out on a local lagoon as well as a cycle stroller attachment meaning she could whizz along wearing her doggles and enjoying her life to the full.

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