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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! Wearing a mask is crucial for keeping humans healthy and safe during these uncertain times. Dogs might not need to wear them, but we care very much about our humans’ health. Wearing a mask can be uncomfortable though, so I’ve come across a way to make it more exciting for everyone!

Molly recently heard about a woman who lives near us that sells face masks that can match your dog’s bandana. Her Facebook page is called Matching Paws, and her products are so adorable!

She’s a college student who loves matching with her rescue dogs, so of course, Molly and I were eager to support her. After all, cute dog products and rescue dogs are two of our favorite things. So, Molly purchased a mask with a bone pattern, along with a cute bandana to match it.

It shipped quickly and it was just as adorable as we had hoped! The bandana goes around my collar, so I don’t have to worry about it falling off. The mask is shaped perfectly to cover Molly’s nose and mouth, so she doesn’t have to worry about it sliding off. Plus, it’s good quality!

You can choose the pattern you’d like, along with the size and style of the mask.

Just look at how cute we look!:

So, if you’re sick of wearing your boring masks, then I’d suggest purchasing one of these. They’re super cute and they’ll match with your best friend: your dog! Just visit the Matching Paws Facebook page to complete your order.

Stay safe, everyone!

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