Mabel the Rescue Dog

Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

Service dogs are amazing. They can perform incredible tasks and even save the lives of their humans. They have gone through a lot of training to do what they do, so not just any dog can be a service dog. (Click title to read more!)

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m sure many of you have big feasts planned, so it is likely that your dog will be getting some table scraps. However, a lot of the food that is served on Thanksgiving can actually be harmful to your dog. So, I decided to create a list of what you can and can’t feed your dog during this celebration. (Click title to read more!)

I’ve always had trouble jumping onto the bed at night. My legs are just too short and the bed is too tall! So, Molly decided to order some dog stairs to help me get up and down. At first, I didn’t really understand how to use them, but now I’m getting the hang of it. Turns out, dog stairs can actually have a lot of benefits for dogs! (Click title to read more!)

If your dog has hair instead of fur, odds are you’ll need to take them to the groomer on a regular basis. I’m not a huge fan of getting groomed myself, but I’ll admit, I always feel better with a fresh haircut! Like me, many dogs are particular about getting groomed, so it is important to find the perfect groomer to take care of your dog. (Click title to read more!)