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When humans hop in the car, it is normal to make sure everyone has a seat belt on before driving. So, why isn’t this behavior also common for dogs? It is a little thing that many dog parents don’t even think about, but it could be a matter of life or death for your dog. (Click title to read more!)


If your dog has hair instead of fur, odds are you’ll need to take them to the groomer on a regular basis. I’m not a huge fan of getting groomed myself, but I’ll admit, I always feel better with a fresh haircut! Like me, many dogs are particular about getting groomed, so it is important to find the perfect groomer to take care of your dog. (Click title to read more!)

During your day off, you and your dog might just want a lazy day, and that’s perfectly fine! Get cozy and watch a cute dog movie together. Of course, most dogs probably won’t stare at the TV unless they hear barking, but here are some of the best dog movies to watch with your furry friend curled up by your side.

I have recently read a lot of negative articles about dog parks, and I found that humans either seem to love dog parks or hate them. Of course, most dogs love dog parks, so at first I didn’t understand why humans might be against them. I personally don’t like playing with other dogs, but I love being off a leash and smelling all the great smells. (Click title to read more!)

Halloween seems to be extremely exciting for humans, but unfortunately, us dogs aren’t a huge fan of it. There’s a lot of unfamiliar things and lots of loud sounds, so it can be scary sometimes. Plus, I can’t help but bark when the doorbell rings, and for some reason on Halloween it just won’t stop ringing! (Click title to read more!)

For most humans, this probably seems obvious, but you when your dog goes number 2, you always need to pick it up! Molly and I have gone to so many different public places where there’s just dog poop sitting around. While I enjoy the smells, Molly says that it’s disgusting! So, how can we stop people from just leaving dog poop behind? (Click title to read more!)