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Hi, it’s Mabel! Last week was a cause for celebration. While I didn’t talk about them much on here, we had two foster dogs throughout the past two weeks: Shelby (fka Caroline) the Beagle and Pixy the Shih Tzu. Within the same week, both Shelby and Pixy went off to their forever homes. While I’m glad to have the house to myself again, I know it won’t last long.

But before the next dog comes along, I wanted to share an unexpected benefit of fostering that we discovered. As you can probably guess by the title, fostering has made Molly a bit more spontaneous, which is a benefit we hadn’t considered.

Before, Molly loved having things planned ahead, and she still very much does. She likes being able to write down plans on the calendar and know which days she can relax on. But with fostering, that need to always be planning ahead has gone away a bit. Now that Molly has a passion for fostering, she has found herself taking dogs at the last minute and being more flexible overall.

For example, we fostered Shelby for a while before she had anyone interested in her. But Pixy arrived while we had Shelby, and Pixy needed a foster home. When Molly started fostering, she wouldn’t have wanted to add too much chaos at once. But now that she has gotten the hang of it, she decided to take in Pixy at the last minute. She was actually very excited about the sudden decision too. Many of our other foster dogs were last-minute decisions as well, such as Slim, Lennard, and Winston.

Of course, planning ahead is a great quality to have. It’s a great way to be organized and prepared. However, things don’t always go as planned, and that’s okay. We’ve discovered that fostering has helped Molly with having set plans and being more spontaneous all at once. After all, some dogs need foster homes at the last minute in order to save their lives, so someone needs to step up to the challenge.

So, if the many other reasons to foster didn’t convince you, please consider it now. It’s a great life experience that will help you learn new things about yourself too. Plus, it’ll also help many dogs in need!

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One thought on “Fostering Makes Us More Spontaneous

  1. Spontaneity is great. Some days we wake up and we dont know where we want to go so we just head out of the door. Things change and life is there to be lived. And, yes, fostering dogs is a lovely thing to do.

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