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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I know I haven’t been posting much lately, but I thought you deserved an update on our fostering adventures. In case you didn’t know, Betty the senior Chihuahua got adopted at the beginning of August. Since Molly is a little crazy, she brought home another foster dog a few days before Betty went home (they decided to keep her name). Yet, this new dog was much different than what we’re used to.

His name was Bilboa, but his new family changed it to Winston (which is much better, in my opinion). But I wasn’t a huge fan of Winston because he was HUGE! I know I’m a tiny dog, but I promise I’m not exaggerating. Winston was just over 100 pounds, and he still needs to gain some weight. He’s a Great Pyrenees that was surrendered by a breeder. And sadly, it seems like that breeder didn’t take good care of him. He was very skinny, he had a limp from being in a crate too often, and he had a massive untreated blood clot on his ear.

I know what you’re thinking: “I thought Molly only fostered small dogs?” That’s what pretty much every human said when they saw Winston. In fact, that’s what I asked Molly too, but she can’t speak dog. Anyway, I guess she just saw him at the office and fell in love. The office is where dogs without a foster home stay until they find a foster or an adopter. Winston has been without a foster home for at least three weeks, so Molly decided to take a chance on a bigger dog.

To be fair, he was a really good dog. Every time Molly saw him at the office, he was just sleeping. And sure enough, he was always that lazy. He spent most of his time napping on the hardwood floor because it was nice and cool. But sometimes he would cuddle with Molly as if he was a lap dog. He was a very sweet and gentle dog despite everything he’d been through in the past. I think the only thing that made him not perfect for Molly was his drooling. He drooled a lot, especially when he was outside. It was pretty gross when he’d shake off his fur and the drool would fly everywhere…

Even though he was a good dog, I just didn’t like him. After all, his head is bigger than me! Plus, he stole a lot of the attention. When we walked together, people would pull over while driving to ask about him. Why does no one ever do that for me? I’m just as cute!

Luckily, Winston didn’t stay with us for too long. The same day that Molly brought him home, someone applied to meet him. They were looking specifically for a Great Pyrenees at a rescue, so what are the chances? They seemed like a great fit for him, so of course, Molly let them adopt him. They are an older couple with two Shih Tzus like me.

After Winston went to the vet to get his ear drained, he was ready to go home (there were some stressful complications during that vet visit, but it all worked out in the end.) The last we heard, Winston is doing well in his new home, and taking plenty of naps as usual. Molly said that she definitely liked fostering a bigger dog, and she’s open to doing it again if the dog is low-energy like him. You’d think I’d get used to the dogs coming and going by now, but I’m still not a fan. I get why she does it so much though. These dogs deserve a loving home.

We already have foster dog #11, who just arrived a few days ago. She’s a tiny Beagle named Caroline. So far, Molly thinks Caroline is the most well-behaved dog we’ve had. She’s quiet, potty trained, friendly without being clingy, walks well on a leash, and eats her food with no issues. She’s 8 years old, but you wouldn’t be able to guess that by looking at her. I’m sure she’ll get adopted very quickly! And then we’ll be on to the next dog. I’m just glad that I still get most of the attention!

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