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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel the rescue dog! I know I haven’t posted about my life in a while, but don’t worry, a lot has happened. In these past two weeks, another foster dog came and went. The reason I didn’t say much about him sooner is because he was a handful! Molly certainly didn’t have a lot of time to focus on work, let alone help me with my blog.

Napoleon (who is now named Slim) was our third foster dog. I know he looks like a little Labradoodle, but he’s actually more of a mutt than any dog I’ve ever met. He’s mostly a Cocker Spaniel and Australian Koolie mix, but according to his old family’s DNA results, he also has some unusual breeds in him, like Chihuahua, Beagle, Shih Tzu, Dachshund, and Jack Russell! Although, I never know how accurate those tests are, so I could be wrong.

Slim was actually a last minute foster for us. He arrived at the rescue after someone returned him. They had adopted him from our rescue when he was only 4 months old, but realized that he was too anxious around their grandkids. He has a tendency to use his mouth when he gets startled or when he’s playing, and despite lots of training, she thought it would be too difficult to have him around young kids.

But he’s actually a pretty good dog. At least, that’s what Molly says. Unfortunately, I can safely say that he’s my least favorite foster sibling. I’m a lazy little dog, so I like peace and quiet. But all Slim wants to do is play! He is about 10 months old though, so I guess it makes sense. Plus, he’s much bigger than we thought he was going to be. He has long legs and he’s about 27 pounds, so he towers over Taco and I.

Taco and I prefer lazy small dogs like our first foster, Lola. Puppies and larger dogs are just too overwhelming for us. A medium-sized dog like Slim might be okay for me if they didn’t run around so much. But Slim would run laps around the yard all day if we let him! It sure took a while for me to stop barking at him.

But despite him doing normal puppy things like playing all the time and chewing on things he shouldn’t, he’s been better behaved than we first though. He’s fully potty-trained, and he even barks by the door when he wants to go out. He’s also fairly quiet. He doesn’t bark at every dog and person outside like I do. And he’s very sweet and cuddly. He takes a lot of Molly’s attention away from me, but at least I know it’s temporary. He also doesn’t shed at all!

It’s no surprise that Slim got scooped up right away. After all, he’s a friendly, low-shedding puppy who loves to play. What more could a family want? We had three families apply to meet him within a few days, and they all wanted to adopt him. But Molly is confident that she chose the person who had the strongest connection to Slim.

Slim went home last weekend. It’s nice to have a little peace and quiet again. While it was an interesting experience to have a much younger and slightly larger dog, it was very exhausting! I know Molly did all the work, but I felt overwhelmed just watching her. She has decided that she wants to make sure she fosters an older dog next. She hopes that will be soon!

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