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When Molly was younger, she strongly believed that everyone deserved a dog. If someone was sad or lonely, she would always insist that a dog would make their life better. And while that might be true, over time, we discovered that maybe this isn’t always the case.

The Sad Reality

Of course, I wish that every dog could find an amazing home like I did. However, if every single person on this planet adopted a dog, there would still be dogs out there that would be unhappy. Why? Because not all humans are capable of caring for a dog.

Even if someone desperately wants a dog, not everyone is able to properly care for another living thing yet. People will often rush into getting a dog without thinking it through. Then, that poor dog ends up getting neglected because the person doesn’t have enough time or money for them. All dog adoptions should occur only when a human is 100% ready.

Also, there are a lot of people out there that just aren’t nice to animals. I don’t understand why, but there are horrible people out there that hurt dogs and mistreat them. Dogs should never have to fall into the hands of these people!

The sad reality is that not every person can care for dogs with the love and respect that’s necessary.

Why Dogs Are So Beneficial for People

People are drawn to dogs because we’re just so lovable! The thought of having a cute companion to cuddle with and play with sounds perfect for many humans, which is why they want a dog.

Not only are we cute and loving, but we can benefit humans in more ways than you’d even expect. By having a dog, you’ll have to get out of the house to take us for walks. That can help you get some fresh air and extra exercise, which is always a good thing!

Plus, dogs are there for you no matter what. If you’re happy, we’re there to be excited with you. If you’re having a bad day, we’re there to comfort you. We’re the most loyal companions you could ask for, so that’s why people naturally assume that getting a dog can help you no matter what.

So, getting a dog sounds like a no-brainer, right? For some people, yes it is, but there’s so much more to think about than just how a dog can benefit your life. You need to think about how you will impact the dog’s life as well.

Why You Shouldn’t Encourage Everyone to Get a Dog

By encouraging everyone to get a dog, you could cause someone to get a dog even if they aren’t ready. Sure, they could provide a home for a rescue pup, but is it really worth it if they can’t care for them or if they could end up harming them even more?

When adopting a dog, it’s important to think about the dog’s needs first. The dog’s needs come before yours. Just because a dog is cute and makes you happy doesn’t mean you should get them. Consider the time and money commitments you’ll need to make once you bring that dog home. If you can’t provide that for a dog, then you shouldn’t adopt a dog yet.

There are also people that will just never be ready to have their own dog. Some people just can’t understand the importance of a dog’s needs. Dogs need training, food, vet appointments, grooming, etc. Any good dog parent will make sure their dog gets these things no matter what. Some people will try to make excuses, but there’s no excuse for not taking proper care of your pup.

In conclusion, not everyone deserves a dog. I wish it wasn’t true, but it’s just the sad reality we live in. So, always consider everything before telling someone they should get a dog.

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