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Hi, my name is Zoe! Technically, I’m Mabel’s sister, but I passed away before Molly adopted Mabel. I was Molly’s first dog, and she had begged her parents for a long time to get a dog of her own. So, on her 12th birthday, her parents told her that she could finally get one!

Even though a dog was technically her birthday present, her parents wanted to let her choose. She visited lots of shelters and rescues in search of the perfect dog and right away, she fell in love with me.

I am a Maltese, and at the time, I was about 6 years old. JR’s Pups-N-Stuff rescued me from a puppy mill, so I was not used to humans being nice to me. I had spent the first five years of my life in a wire crate, breeding puppies over and over again. So, I was very grateful when Molly decided to bring me home, but of course, I was still very scared.

Unlike most dogs, I did not like being pet and I wasn’t too fond of playing with toys either. I had never been treated with love and affection before, so I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to it. I would often hide behind the furniture because that’s where I felt the safest.

Over time, I got more comfortable with my new family. I would let Molly pick me up, but only if I could jump onto her left arm. I would chew on a plastic bowl, but not any balls or squeaky toys. I would sit near the window and occasionally bark at the neighbor dogs. I was not as playful and friendly as a normal dog, but Molly often told me that I was perfect dog for her family and it was true.

Unfortunately, I got very sick at about 10 years old. I didn’t want to have to leave my amazing new family, but sadly, it was time. I was so grateful that they had made the last few years of my life so enjoyable. If it weren’t for them, who knows where I would be today?

Even though I know Molly misses me very much, I’m grateful that she has Mabel to care for her now. I’m also glad that my story was able to inspire Molly and get her to encourage others to adopt.

If you have a dog with a story to share, even if they’re no longer with us, please contact Mabel! We love to hear about all the amazing people out there that have rescued dogs.

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