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September is my favorite month. Not only is it my human’s birthday month, but it’s also Puppy Mill Awareness Month! As the name implies, it’s a month to spread the word about puppy mills so we can help put an end to them once and for all!

For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a puppy mill is a horrible place where dogs are bred over and over again in inhumane conditions. These breeders usually only care about the money they earn and not about the wellbeing of the dogs. The puppies bred in these facilities are usually sold to pet stores or sold online. For more information about puppy mills, you can check out my previous article.

Puppy Mill Awareness Day was created in 2003 by an organization called Puppy Mill Awareness. But why should there only be a day to spread the word? Puppy mills are terrible places, and they’re one of the biggest reasons there are so many dogs in shelters. So, now the whole month of September is often referred to as “Puppy Mill Awareness Month.”

The reason puppy mill awareness is so important is because many people don’t know what puppy mills are. Many humans buy puppies from puppy mills without even knowing, which is heartbreaking. Many of those puppies end up being extremely sick. Yet, the parent dogs are the most in danger at puppy mills. The puppies get to leave the puppy mill to find a family, but many puppy mill breeding dogs never leave. They just keep breeding without knowing what love is like. They usually don’t even get to go for walks or play like a dog should.

Molly’s first dog, Zoe, was rescued from a puppy mill. She spent about 5 years breeding dogs, so she was terrified of humans when she was saved. Molly showed Zoe what a loving home was like, but poor Zoe was always extra cautious throughout her entire life. It’s not fair that humans treat dogs like her so poorly over and over again. And it’s heartbreaking that many humans support the business by buying the puppies. If more people knew what puppy mills were, less people would buy puppies online and from pet stores.

So, this September, please take a moment to spread the word. Share information about puppy mills on social media or just tell a friend. If you know someone who’s looking for a dog, steer them toward shelters and rescues. If you know someone who shops at a pet store that sells puppies, educate them and encourage them to shop somewhere else.

Dogs are not objects, we’re part of the family. So, please spread awareness about puppy mills this month and every month from now on. The more people that know about it, the sooner we can get rid of these horrible facilities once and for all.

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