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Every year, People Magazine holds a contest for the World’s Cutest Rescue Dog. Of course, every rescue dog is adorable, but this year’s winner stole Molly’s heart. That’s because Lamb Chop, the cutest rescue dog of 2020, reminds us so much of Molly’s first dog Zoe!

Like Zoe, Lamb Chop is a Maltese who was rescued from a puppy mill after she bred puppies for about 6 years straight. As you can imagine, she was scared and hesitant around humans when she first arrived at the Washington County Humane Society in Slinger, Wisconsin. But luckily, she was soon adopted and given the loving life she deserves.

Poor Lamb Chop had a lot of health problems when she was first rescued. She had rotting teeth, cauliflower ear, and several tumors. It took a lot of time at the vet to treat these issues, but now, she’s doing better than ever. The only physical sign she has from her past abuse is her tongue hanging out of her mouth. But Molly says that only adds to her cuteness!

Lamb Chop is still very shy, but she has come a long way. She is finally learning what it’s like to be loved, and that’s what every dog deserves. Now, Lamb Chop and her mom work together to spread the word about puppy mills. They work with organization Bailing Out Benji to teach the world the horrific reality of the puppy industry.

In fact, Molly has even decided to volunteer for Bailing Out Benji now to help spread the word about puppy mills. Of course, there aren’t many events going on right now due to the coronavirus, but this incredible organization is still doing everything they can to help dogs in need.

I’m overjoyed that Lamb Chop won the cutest dog contest. She deserves it more than anyone. Hopefully, her success will help better educate the world about rescue dogs. So please, encourage more humans to adopt! It’s what Lamb Chop would want you to do.

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Images from @lambchopthepuppymillrescue/Instagram

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