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Dogs don’t drive cars, but if we could, we’d drive a Subaru. No, I’m not sponsoring or promoting any Subarus, but I recently read about what the company does for rescue dogs. They consistently feature dogs in their commercials and always encourage their customers to adopt dogs in need. So, they seem to be the most dog-friendly car company out there!

Subaru Loves Pets Month

October is “Subaru Loves Pets Month,” which means they spend extra time trying to help dogs in need. If you watch a lot of TV, you’ve probably seen their latest commercial called “The Underdogs.” In the commercial, they show several dogs that many people would consider “less adoptable.” This includes special needs dogs and senior dogs. In the commercial, they don’t even promote any of their own products, but instead, they encourage people to adopt the dogs that are often overlooked.

Plus, for the whole month of October, Subaru always hosts dog adoption events at many of their locations. Unfortunately, most of these events have been virtual this year due to the coronavirus, but it’s still a very kind thing for them to do. They even vowed to donate $100 to an animal organization for every special needs dog adopted during their events. Over the years, they’ve helped save over 230,000 dogs and they’ve donated over $28 million to the ASPCA. How could any car company top that level of kindness and dedication?

How Did Subaru Become so Dog-Friendly?

Subaru’s love for dogs first became clear in 2008. They launched a program called “Share the Love” where they would donate a portion of each purchase to the charity of that customer’s choice. After looking over the results, they quickly realized that animal organizations were by far the most donated to. So, what better way to promote cars than to cater to their dog-loving customers?

That’s when Subaru Loves Pets month became known. Customers quickly fell in love with it because it helped so many dogs in need. Seeing how much this company loves dogs makes me wish dogs like me could drive a Subaru!

Of course, loving animals alone won’t determine the quality of a product, but it can certainly help. I know Molly strongly favors companies that care more about others than about making money. Subaru is willing to use their advertising space to only promote dog rescue, so that’s as wholesome as it gets! If you’re on the fence about what kind of car to get, ask your rescue dog for advice. They’ll probably encourage you to get a Subaru!

Images from @subaruofamerica/Facebook

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