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I’m often told that animal friendships are the cutest, especially when they occur between two different species. Some animals love to get along with every creature they meet while others are more hesitant. But when two animals of different species become inseparable, humans always seem to fall in love. So, here are some of the dog and other animal friendships that Molly finds the cutest.

Raina and Ruuxa

Raina the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Ruuxa the Cheetah were best friends ever since they were tiny babies. They lived together at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Ruuxa was taken in as a cub because he had a genetic condition that caused his front legs not to grow correctly. So, he needed to go through lots of surgeries and medical procedures to get it fixed. Raina was always there to comfort Ruuxa, and soon enough, the two always wanted to be beside each other, even when they were older. Cheetah and dog friendships are somewhat common, but they don’t always last a lifetime like this one. Sadly, Raina has passed away since, which was heartbreaking for Ruuxa. Luckily, he still has a few other canine friends he can play with though.

Lundy and Herman

Lundy the Chihuahua puppy and Herman the pigeon were both rescues at The Mia Foundation. Lundy couldn’t use his back legs while Herman was unable to fly. When Lundy first arrived, Herman happily shared a bed with the pup. In no time, the two became best friends. They always loved to curl up next to each other, so the organization let them spend as much time together as possible. The were so adorable and inspirational that they even had a book made about them. Unfortunately, Lundy passed away recently, but Herman continues to comfort other animals at the rescue.

Henry and Baloo

Henry and Baloo are famous for their adorable Instagram page, which documents their travels. Henry is a dog and Baloo is a cat, and they’re both rescues. But from the looks of it, Baloo acts more like a dog than a cat! The two of them love going hiking in Colorado, and when Baloo gets tired, he rides on Henry’s back. The two of them also love to snuggle during chilly days. Plus, Baloo enjoys walking on a leash, sticking his head out the window, and being outside regardless of the weather. Maybe he really is a dog trapped in a cat’s body!

Nova and Pacco

Nova the German Shepherd and Pacco the ferret are another duo with an adorable Instagram page. Their mom had Nova first, but after about two years, she decided to get Pacco too. To her surprise, they loved each other right away. They cuddle and play just like two dog siblings might. And even though Pacco is much smaller than Nova, he often seems to be the boss of the friendship. Pacco even enjoys going for walks and playing tug-of-war just like a dog. It seems that growing up beside a dog can have a big impact on some animals.

Molly and Poss

Molly and Poss have a relationship that’s more like mother and son than two friends (not my mom Molly, but a dog named Molly). Molly the Beagle lost a litter of puppies and Poss the Possum lost his mom. So, the two bonded and Molly soon became like the mother he lost. Poss is often seen clinging to Molly and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. The two of them also seem to get along with lots of other unusual animals, especially two sheep named Nigel and Weenie. Their mom documents all of their adventures on Instagram.

Me and Wooper!

Me and my axolotl sibling named Wooper are best friends… kind of. It’s pretty hard for a dog and axolotl to spend time together since she is always underwater and I’m not. But ever since she came home, I’ve loved sitting near her tank and watching her. Sometimes, she even swims toward me! Sure, it might not be as heartwarming as some of these other friendships, but I figured it was at least worth mentioning. Molly shares adorable photos and videos of me, Wooper, and Taco on Instagram!

Does your dog have any unusual animal friends? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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