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It’s clear that there are lots of dog breeds out there. Some of them are commonly known by everyone while others aren’t quite as popular. All dogs breeds are equally adorable and lovable, so it’s amazing that there are so many out there. So, about how many dog breeds are there?

How Many Breeds?

Each country recognizes dog breeds differently. Currently, the American Kennel Club recognizes around 200 different dog breeds while the Fédération Cynologique Internationale recognizes over 340 breeds.

Regardless of which country you live in, that’s a lot of dog breeds! I don’t even know if I could name half of them off the top of my head.

Are Mixes Considered a Breed?

While there are a couple hundred dog breeds out there, there are many popular “breeds” that aren’t even purebreds at all. As you guessed it, these breeds are mixes. Many shelter dogs are mixed breeds, but there are also lots of expensive dogs that are mixed breeds too.

Many humans like to talk about their Goldendoodle or Teddy Bear as if it’s a rare designer breed. But these aren’t really breeds at all! They’re actually mutts (I’m not trying to be mean to any dogs, it’s just the truth).

Mixed breeds are not recognized by the AKC because they are simply a mix between two or more breeds. Some humans spend thousands of dollars to get “designer dogs”, which are often just a mixed breed. Why pay that much money when you can rescue one of these dogs instead?

So, while some people might try to argue that their Cockapoo or Puggle is a fancy breed, they are not one of the many dog breeds out there. Of course, mixed breeds are still just as adorable as any other dog though! A dog’s breed definitely does not define their cuteness!

What is the Most Popular Breed?

There have been arguments over the most popular dog breed for ages. Of course, every human thinks their dog is perfect. But is one breed really better than another? I don’t think so!

You should choose your dog on their personality, not their breed! Certain dogs will be better matches for different humans. So, I find it silly that humans often try to argue that one dog is better than the other.

However, I was surprised to see the results for the most popular dog in 2019. Rover posted a list revealing that mixed breeds were the most popular of the year. Mixed breeds is such a broad category that it honestly covers all dogs. And that’s how it should be. All dogs are equally great so all breeds deserve the number one spot.

Next time you adopt a new family member, don’t have your heart set on one breed. All dogs have their own quirks and their own personality. Choose the dog that’s best for you regardless of their breed.

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