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Hi, my name is Piglet! You might recognize me because I’ve had lots of news stories written about me. My story has touched so many hearts, so Mabel wanted to share it with you! I was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia along with my mom and three littermates.

I am a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, but both of my parents were a dapple coloring. When two dapple-colored dogs are bred together, it can result in a “double dapple,” which means the puppy could have ear and eye defects or be completely blind and deaf.

Unfortunately, I was a double dapple puppy, and I am blind and deaf. However, I don’t let that stop me from living a good life!

My mom originally took me in just as a foster, but she fell in love with me in no time. It took me a while to get used to my surroundings though. I had severe separation anxiety, so caring for me was a lot of work.

Over time, I showed lots of improvements though. I learned how fun it is to go for walks, snuggle, and even play with my new siblings. I’ve traveled a lot with my mom, so I don’t let my conditions hold me back from living the exciting life of a dog.

My story has been shared so much to help educate others. It all started when a third grade teacher in Massachusetts used my journey to help teach her students about positive mindsets. She uses me as a role model for students and encourages them to think in a “Piglet State of Mind.” The students have even sent hand-drawn cards to my mom and I!

Not only does my story teach children, but it can benefit all humans. My mission is to encourage others to adopt special needs dogs, spay and neuter their animals, and of course, put a smile on everyone’s face.

My mom actually sells merchandise with me on it to help raise money for special needs dog rescues. So far, we have raised over $31,000!

Of course, I’m happy to see how much my life has shaped others, but none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for my amazing family. My parents took me in and showed me what real love was like, so I am so grateful that they adopted me. Every dog should get to feel that joy of being adopted by an amazing family.

If you’d like to help support my cause, check out the awesome merchandise that I have for sale! Every purchase helps!

If you have a rescue dog at home, please share their story with the world! Contact Mabel to get their story featured on this site!

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