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Dogs are a huge part of social media. People just love to look at photos and videos of cute dogs because it just makes them so happy! However, the best famous dogs are the ones that are rescues. They had a rough start to life, but now they’re famous. So, here are some rescue dog Instagram stars that you should be following!

Marnie the Dog

I’m sure most of you are familiar with Marnie by now. She is definitely my rescue dog role model! Sadly, she passed away recently, but her story lives on. She was adopted at age 11, and she ended up living all they way until 18! She looks a bit silly with her head tilt and long tongue, but it’s all a part of her personality. She got to go on so many adventures and meet many celebrities throughout the years. She also encouraged so many people to adopt senior dogs, and she will always inspire others. You can read her full rescue story on my blog!

Tuna Melts My Heart

Tuna is a senior Chiweenie that was adopted when he was only 4 months old. He has a very exaggerated overbite, which might seem funny to some, but his mom thinks he’s adorable. And so does the rest of the world! Fans adore his unique qualities, and now he’s famous with over 2 million followers! Just look at his heartwarming smile!

Boris the Pibble

When Boris was at a shelter, he was a puppy with mange, which is a skin disease caused by mites. But if you saw Boris today, you wouldn’t even know he’s the same dog! Now, Boris lives with a loving family that loves to spoil him. They post about all his adventures on Instagram, and he even models lots of collars. He currently has over 55,000 followers!

Pink Piglet Puppy

Piglet was born deaf and blind, but he never let that stop him from living his best life. At first, his mom took him in as a foster, but she quickly fell in love and decided to adopt him. His story has inspired others to always stay positive and never give up. Now, he’s social media famous with over 191,000 Instagram followers! You can read his full rescue story on my blog!

Maggie the Wonder Dog

Maggie came from a horrifying abuse case. She was shot 17 times, her ear was cut off, and her jaw was broken. She was in rough shape, but luckily, she survived the horrible situation, and now she’s happier than ever. She has a loving family that posts adorable photos on her Instagram page, which now has about 400,000 followers! She encourages others to be kind and help all animals in need.

Pardon Thy French

Bethanee Hamilton is an adorable Frenchie who has survived a lot of difficult situations. She only has 3 legs and she’s a brave cancer survivor. Her loving family posts lots of adorable photos and videos on Instagram, where she currently has nearly 200,000 followers! Through all her difficult times, she refused to give up, and now the world is in love with her amazing personality.

Wally’s Rescued Life

Wally is an adorable little senior dog that the internet has fallen in love with. He was very skinny with matted hair and decaying teeth when the shelter took him in. Because of that, all his teeth had to be extracted, but he can still easily eat soft foods. Now, he is a very happy dog that shares all his adventures on Instagram. He currently has over 34,000 followers!

There are so many amazing rescue dogs out there! If you know of a great rescue dog star that I didn’t write about, please let me know and I’ll add them to this article! Let’s encourage more dog lovers to adopt!

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