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Train is Molly’s favorite band. You probably know them by some of their many hits such as “Drops of Jupiter”, “Hey, Soul Sister”, and “Play That Song”. Just when Molly thought she couldn’t love them more than she already does, they did something incredible for their new single.

On May 22nd, 2020, Train released a song titled “Rescue Dog”. It’s about how it feels to be a rescue dog like me. More specifically, it’s about how great it feels when a rescue dog finally finds the loving home they deserve. If you’ve rescued a dog before, you’ll probably get emotional listening to it. (I know Molly did!)

Even though Molly’s favorite Train song has always been “50 Ways to Say Goodbye”, after listening to this song, she can safely say that it’s her new favorite. After all, what could be better than your favorite band singing about your biggest passion in life?

Plus, they even released an adorable video featuring clips of many people with their rescue dogs. You might even notice some familiar faces in the video, including “Come On Get Higher” singer Matt Nathanson, baseball player Jeff McNeil, actress Laura Spencer, and many others. It’s so heartwarming to see so many people who have opened their hearts to dogs in need.

The best part is that if you purchase the song, a portion of the proceeds will be donated to the North Shore Animal League to help dogs in need! We have always loved Train, but this amazing action has made us love them even more!

Even before the song was released, Train posted information about a dog at the shelter who needs a loving home. I really hope the publicity gave her the forever family she deserves. I also hope this song becomes a hit because the world really needs to know how great rescue dogs truly are.

Please listen to this incredible song. Even if you’re not a Train fan, I promise you’ll be blown away. I posted the video below, but if you’d like to purchase it to help dogs in need, click here to see how to buy it. Also, remember that you can directly donate to the shelter too.

If you have a rescue dog of your own, I would love to share their adoption story on my blog! Please contact me if you’d like me to share a post about a special dog in your life. Let’s help encourage more dog lovers to adopt!

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Images from @Train/Facebook

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