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This is the first breed-specific rescue I’ve decided to write about, and that’s because I think what they’re doing is very important. As the name implies, Greyhound Pets of America specializes is finding homes for Greyhounds, most of which are former racing dogs. They have Greyhounds available in most states.

Greyhound racing is almost illegal in every state. Florida was the last state with an active dog track to make dog racing illegal. So, all the Greyhounds that were at the dog track slowly need to start finding forever homes, which is why this rescue is so important.

Many people think of Greyhounds as fast racing dogs, but they are actually great companion dogs too. They actually like to sleep most of the day, so they don’t have the high energy that you would expect.

This rescue works hard to spread the word about Greyhounds that are available for adoption. They’ve seen that many of the rescue Greyhounds have easily settled into their new homes. They’re a very gentle breed that many people would love to have in their home.

This rescue was first founded way back in 1987 with the same purpose. Greyhounds have been racing dogs for such a long time, but now it’s their chance to be family dogs. This rescue has homed over 100,000 Greyhounds over the years, so they truly are doing an amazing thing for these dogs in need!

Sadly, many Greyhounds are not treated properly during racing, so it’s heartwarming to see these dogs get a second chance at life. If you’re interested in welcoming a Greyhound into your home, you should check out their locations to see if there’s a Greyhound near you to adopt!

Is your dog a rescue? If so, please contact me and I’ll share a story about them on my blog! Let’s encourage more dog lovers to adopt!

Images from @GPAgreyhounds/Facebook

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