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Dog health is something that is very important to humans. What you feed your dog is actually a huge part of how healthy they are. So, if you feed your dog a popular dog food brand, you should know if it’s been recalled before.

Sometimes recalls are for very minor issues that the company catches. However, sometimes the FDA has to issue the recall due to a more serious issue. Therefore, the more times a food has been recalled, the less trustworthy that brand seems. Here is a list of the dog food brands that have been recalled the most.

#1 – Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo advertises themselves as a high quality dog food brand, but they have had at least 8 recalls in the past 10 years. Some reasons for recalls were salmonella, possible mold contamination, and elevated levels of beef thyroid hormones. There were also some claims about high levels of lead in their food, but there was no proof as to whether or not this was true.

#2 – Bravo!

Bravo! is a brand that specializes in simple food with only a few ingredients. They also have had at least 8 recalls so far, 7 of which were for possible salmonella contamination and 2 of which were also because of possible listeria contamination.

#3 – Evanger’s

Since 2010, Evanger’s has had at least 7 recalls, 6 of which were for potential salmonella contamination. Then, their most recent recall in 2017 was for potential of pentobarbital, which is a euthanasia drug! They claim to be one of the most nutritious brands, but who knows what other recalls might arise in the future?

#4 – Iams

Iams is one of the most well-known dog foods, but it has actually been recalled at least 7 times so far. Similar to Bravo!, there are at least 4 recalls for potential salmonella contamination. Other recalls involved potential mold growth and aflatoxin contamination.

#5 – Pedigree

Pedigree is another popular dog food that isn’t quite as great as many people think. They have had at least 5 recalls. Two of the were for possible salmonella contamination and three were for possible metal or plastic fragments found in the food!

#6 – Nature’s Variety

Nature’s Variety has also had at least 5 recalls so far. Similar to many of these other brands, they have had at least 3 recalls for potential salmonella contamination. Also, there were recalls for potential plastic pieces in the food and even for an unusual odor in the food.

#7 – Purina

Purina has had at least 5 recalls so far. Three of these recalls were possible salmonella contamination and the others were for inadequate levels of certain items such as thiamine or vitamins and minerals.

#8 – Wellness Pet Food

Wellness Pet Food has also had at least 5 recalls so far. Only one recall was for potential salmonella contamination, but some of the other recalls were for other contaminations such as moisture and foreign materials.

#9 – Hill’s Science Diet

While many vets recommend Hill’s Science Diet, it really isn’t one of the best choices for dogs. The ingredients are not the best quality and it has been recalled at least 4 times. Once for potential salmonella contamination, twice for melamine contamination, and once just because of some labeling problems.

#10 – Diamond Pet Food

Diamond Pet Food has had at least 4 recalls so far. Two were for potential salmonella contamination, one was for possible aflatoxin contamination, and the other was for low levels of thiamine.

Do Recalls Mean That the Food is Bad?

No, it really depends on the recall. Just because a brand has been recalled a lot doesn’t automatically mean that it’s bad. Many recalls are voluntary, so if your brand of food is on the list, you can look into it more to find out the exact details of every recall.

The best way to judge the quality of the dog food is to look at the ingredients. The ingredients at the top of the list should be items that you recognize, and the first ingredient should be a healthy meat source. Recalls alone don’t determine whether a food is bad or not because there’s so many other factors that go into it.

However, certain recalls should raise a concern to dog parents. If a food has been recalled for possible salmonella contamination multiple times then this is likely an issue. This contamination is not only a health concern for dogs, but it can also be a risk to humans as well.

Which Dog Food Brands Have Never Been Recalled?

There are plenty of dog foods that have never been recalled. So, if recalls are a concern to you, then try switching to one of these brands.

Here is a list of some (but not all!) of the dog food brands that have never been recalled:

  • Earthborn Holistic
  • Fromm
  • Holistic Select
  • Life’s Abundance
  • Nature’s Logic
  • NomNomNow
  • Now Fresh
  • Nulo
  • Precise Holistic
  • Zignature
  • ZiwiPeak

You might notice that many of these are brands with primarily grain-free options. So, if you have heard bad things about grain-free dog food, I strongly suggest you to check out my article: The Truth About the FDA Grain-Free Investigation.

Just because a food has never has been recalled doesn’t guarantee that it’s healthy, but it often means that the company is more careful with the quality of their food. Molly has always been careful to select a healthy food for me, and I think it’s important that all dog parents pay close attention to their dog’s food as well. Dogs are amazing, so of course, we deserve the best food possible!

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Humans have a difficult time resisting the cute face of a puppy. This is why so many people walk past pet stores and stop to look at all the cute puppies for sale.

Looking at puppies for sale might seem like a fun, heartwarming way to spend your time, but there is actually a dark secret behind nearly every pet store. Therefore, you should never even consider a pet store as a location to purchase a new dog.

About 90% of Pet Store Puppies are from Puppy Mills

Yes, the sad truth is that most puppies at pet stores from from puppy mills. The puppies might seem adorable and healthy, but they all come from a dark past. By purchasing a puppy from a pet store, you’d only be supporting puppy mills and encouraging them to breed more dogs.

If a Pet Store Says They Don’t Support Puppy Mills, There’s No Way to Know for Sure

Many pet stores will be vague about where they get their puppies from or they might even lie to you. Just because they say the puppies are from a “certified breeder” doesn’t mean that breeder isn’t running a puppy mill. Therefore, it is almost impossible to tell which pet stores are telling the truth and which ones aren’t.

Most Pet Stores Lack Specific Knowledge on the Puppies

If you get a dog from a rescue, shelter, or even a reliable breeder, they will be able to tell you a lot about each individual dog and their overall breed. However, at a pet store, most of the employees just work at the store and don’t know much specific information on the puppies at all. Therefore, by purchasing a puppy from a pet store, you really don’t know exactly what you’re going to get.

The Puppies are Not Guaranteed to be Healthy

Despite what you are told, if you purchase a puppy that’s from a puppy mill, it will likely have health problems. Since puppy mills breed dogs in inhumane conditions, the parents are not completely healthy, which could greatly affect the puppy too. Therefore, there could be lots of unknown issues with your new puppy that you aren’t even aware of.

They are Expensive

Puppies are usually expensive, but if you buy them from a pet store, you’re likely paying much more than they’re worth. With a reliable breeder, the cost makes a bit more sense, but it just doesn’t seem right to pay a ton of money for a pet store puppy that you don’t even know much about. Plus, that extra cash is just going to help the puppy mills breed more puppies.

There are Plenty of Great Dogs at Rescues and Shelters

I know I’m bias since I am a rescue dog myself, but there is no reason to go to a pet store when there are so many rescues out there in need of a home. You could find the perfect dog for a cheaper price at a reliable rescue or shelter. Then, you would be supporting pet adoption instead of going against it.

If you were considering getting a puppy from a pet store, I really hope that this article was able to change your mind. Remember, there are actually plenty of rescue puppies out there. If you are looking for a young companion dog, please try opening your heart to a rescue puppy instead of a pet store puppy.

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Hi, my name is Piglet! You might recognize me because I’ve had lots of news stories written about me. My story has touched so many hearts, so Mabel wanted to share it with you! I was rescued from a hoarding situation in Georgia along with my mom and three littermates.

I am a mix between a Chihuahua and a Dachshund, but both of my parents were a dapple coloring. When two dapple-colored dogs are bred together, it can result in a “double dapple,” which means the puppy could have ear and eye defects or be completely blind and deaf.

Unfortunately, I was a double dapple puppy, and I am blind and deaf. However, I don’t let that stop me from living a good life!

My mom originally took me in just as a foster, but she fell in love with me in no time. It took me a while to get used to my surroundings though. I had severe separation anxiety, so caring for me was a lot of work.

Over time, I showed lots of improvements though. I learned how fun it is to go for walks, snuggle, and even play with my new siblings. I’ve traveled a lot with my mom, so I don’t let my conditions hold me back from living the exciting life of a dog.

My story has been shared so much to help educate others. It all started when a third grade teacher in Massachusetts used my journey to help teach her students about positive mindsets. She uses me as a role model for students and encourages them to think in a “Piglet State of Mind.” The students have even sent hand-drawn cards to my mom and I!

Not only does my story teach children, but it can benefit all humans. My mission is to encourage others to adopt special needs dogs, spay and neuter their animals, and of course, put a smile on everyone’s face.

My mom actually sells merchandise with me on it to help raise money for special needs dog rescues. So far, we have raised over $31,000!

Of course, I’m happy to see how much my life has shaped others, but none of this would have happened if it wasn’t for my amazing family. My parents took me in and showed me what real love was like, so I am so grateful that they adopted me. Every dog should get to feel that joy of being adopted by an amazing family.

If you’d like to help support my cause, check out the awesome merchandise that I have for sale! Every purchase helps!

If you have a rescue dog at home, please share their story with the world! Contact Mabel to get their story featured on this site!

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One of the biggest reasons humans should adopt is because many dogs are euthanized just to save space in shelters. There are only a few states that have no kill shelters (I heard that Delaware was recently labeled the first no-kill shelter state!) So, sadly, no dog is really safe in the majority of the other states, which is why humans need to adopt more often.

According to ASPCA, about 6.5 million animals are in shelters each year, and unfortunately, about 1.5 million are euthanized every year. That’s terrible! It’s difficult to even imagine why someone would do such a horrible thing.

Which States Kill the Most Shelter Animals Each Year?

This is such a difficult topic to talk about, but there are a few states that have far more dog and cat deaths than any of the others. Here are the top 5:

  • #1 – Texas (125,000 animals killed each year)
  • #2 – California (110,000 animals killed each year)
  • #3 – Florida (66,000 animals killed each year)
  • #4 – North Carolina (62,000 animals killed each year)
  • #5 – Georgia (43,000 animals killed each year)

These large numbers are heartbreaking. How can humans kill these innocent animals when they could’ve been adopted? We need to put an end to these horrible facilities, which is why I created this article to help spread awareness.

How Can You Help?

It might not seem like just one person can make a difference, but if everyone tries to do something to help these dogs, then you could save lives.


If you adopt a dog, you could really be saving their life. Every adoption matters, especially if more people choose adoption over breeding more puppies. So, if you are looking for a new family member, please adopt!

However, if you don’t have time or room in your home for another dog at the moment, then that’s okay! Just make sure you encourage others to adopt. If you hear about someone considering breeding a puppy, try to persuade them to adopt instead. Many people get puppies simply because they are not aware of how many dogs die each year, so be sure to educate them.

Spay and Neuter Your Dogs

Since dogs are so overpopulated, you don’t want your dog to accidentally bring more puppies into the world. Always spay or neuter your dog. Just because you don’t think your dog will get pregnant or get another dog pregnant doesn’t mean it won’t happen. Please eliminate this risk completely so that more puppies won’t be brought into the world for no reason.

Become a Foster Parent

Being a dog foster parent isn’t for everyone, but if you have room in your home, please give it a try! By fostering dogs, you are giving them a place to stay outside of the shelter or rescue which can save some space. Plus, your home is likely much more comfortable than where they’d be otherwise, so not only could you be saving their life, but you’d also be making them more comfortable while they wait for their forever home.


A lot of times, shelters and rescues don’t only need extra space, but they need more time, money, and people to help. If you can volunteer to help out or donate to rescues that are trying to save dogs from kill shelters, you could save some lives. Plus, while volunteering, you can learn more about the dogs that need homes the most and share their information with others in hopes to get them adopted faster.

Spread the Word

Sometimes, all we can do is spread the word, but it can help so much more than you’d think! Share these horrible kill shelter statistics with others and help them see why adoption is so important. Sometimes, humans just need to be educated about what’s the right thing to do, so please help them to see how many dogs need their help. There is no reason for so many dogs to die each year.

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During your day off, you and your dog might just want a lazy day, and that’s perfectly fine! Get cozy and watch a cute dog movie together. Of course, most dogs probably won’t stare at the TV unless they hear barking, but here are some of the best dog movies to watch with your furry friend curled up by your side.

#1 – A Dog’s Purpose

This is one of Molly’s favorite movies, but if you watch it, be prepared to cry! The main plot in this story is about a dog named Bailey that keeps getting reincarnated as a new dog in order to find his purpose. He lives the life of a family dog, a college student’s dog, and even a police dog.

Despite being sad, it is a very heartwarming film that I think every dog lover should watch. Plus, if you enjoy it, the sequel titled a Dog’s Journey just came out as well. Both of these movies were books first though.

#2 – The Secret Life of Pets

This animated movie is a fun choice if you’re looking for something more lighthearted. It is about a dog named Max who has the perfect life with his human, but then she brings home another dog! It is a cute movie that we’ve watch over and over again. Plus, I have to admit, many of the dog behaviors in the movie are very relatable. Secret Life of Pets 2 also came out recently, and Molly said that it was very cute as well.

#3 – Dog Days

This is a lesser known dog movie, but it is a cute romance movie that I know Molly enjoys. It tells the story of multiple different dog lovers and how their lives cross paths. If you have ever watched New Year’s Eve or Valentine’s Day, it is structured very similarly to those with multiple stories going on at once. Plus, there’s a dog named Mabel in it, so what’s not to love?

#4 – Hotel for Dogs

Also based on a book, Hotel for Dogs is a cute kid’s movie about a brother and sister who decide to start rescuing stray dogs and keeping them in an abandoned hotel. They need to sneak out of their foster home every day to care for these dogs, and more and more dogs keep joining the hotel. Honestly, the way their hotel is set up looks like a dream to all dogs and dog parents.

#5 – Bolt

Here is another animated movie that shows the importance of a bond between a human and their dog. In this action-packed film, Bolt is part of a TV show where he has super powers and he always has to save his person, Penny. However, Bolt thinks all of it is real!

So, the plot of the movie is about Bolt getting lost from the set. He has to find his way home to Penny, and along the way, he gets to learn how to be a normal dog. It might not be the most well-known Disney movie, but it sure is a great choice for dog lovers.

#6 – The Art of Racing in the Rain

This is a new dog movie that recently came out of theaters, and it is definitely an emotional one. It is based on a book, and Molly enjoyed both the book and the movie. It starts off a bit slow, but it is the story of a racer and his family from the dog’s point of view. The dog is named Enzo and he thinks much more deeply than your typical dog. He can see all these bad things happening to his family and he often wishes that he was human so that he could help more. It’s more serious than a lot of these other movies, but it’s just as good!

#7 – 101 Dalmatians

This classic Disney movie is one that I’m sure everyone watched as a kid, but it can still be an enjoyable film today. After all, Molly insists that the animated Dalmatians are just so adorable! Plus, since this is an older Disney movie, there have been newer versions made, and I even heard that a new live action 101 Dalmatians movie is coming out since the original film is nearing its 60th anniversary.

#8 – Homeward Bound

This is another classic dog film about two dogs and a cat that are left at a friend’s ranch while their family goes on vacation. When they start to worry that their family is not returning, they decide to make a long journey home to find them. Molly hasn’t seen this film in a while, but I would love to watch it with her soon!

#9 – Lady and the Tramp

Similar to 101 Dalmatians, Lady and the Tramp is another animated Disney movie that is great for dog lovers. The story is about Lady, who is an overly pampered dog whose life changes when her family has a baby. She then befriends Tramp, who is a stray, but despite their differences, a romance blossoms between them. There is also a live action version of this movie coming soon as well.

#10 – Air Bud

Air Bud is a popular dog movie that is all about a dog that can play basketball. The movie is starts with a high school student named Josh, who is struggling at his new school. However, once he joins the basketball team, he learns that his dog, Bud, can play basketball. However, Bud was found as a stray, so once his old owner finds out about Bud’s talents, he tries to come get his dog back.

This movie has had many sequels where Bud learns to play other sports, along with movies about his puppies as well. Therefore, if you enjoy Air Bud, there is no end to the amount of stories that go along with it.

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Hi, my name is Zoe! Technically, I’m Mabel’s sister, but I passed away before Molly adopted Mabel. I was Molly’s first dog, and she had begged her parents for a long time to get a dog of her own. So, on her 12th birthday, her parents told her that she could finally get one!

Even though a dog was technically her birthday present, her parents wanted to let her choose. She visited lots of shelters and rescues in search of the perfect dog and right away, she fell in love with me.

I am a Maltese, and at the time, I was about 6 years old. JR’s Pups-N-Stuff rescued me from a puppy mill, so I was not used to humans being nice to me. I had spent the first five years of my life in a wire crate, breeding puppies over and over again. So, I was very grateful when Molly decided to bring me home, but of course, I was still very scared.

Unlike most dogs, I did not like being pet and I wasn’t too fond of playing with toys either. I had never been treated with love and affection before, so I wasn’t quite sure how to respond to it. I would often hide behind the furniture because that’s where I felt the safest.

Over time, I got more comfortable with my new family. I would let Molly pick me up, but only if I could jump onto her left arm. I would chew on a plastic bowl, but not any balls or squeaky toys. I would sit near the window and occasionally bark at the neighbor dogs. I was not as playful and friendly as a normal dog, but Molly often told me that I was perfect dog for her family and it was true.

Unfortunately, I got very sick at about 10 years old. I didn’t want to have to leave my amazing new family, but sadly, it was time. I was so grateful that they had made the last few years of my life so enjoyable. If it weren’t for them, who knows where I would be today?

Even though I know Molly misses me very much, I’m grateful that she has Mabel to care for her now. I’m also glad that my story was able to inspire Molly and get her to encourage others to adopt.

If you have a dog with a story to share, even if they’re no longer with us, please contact Mabel! We love to hear about all the amazing people out there that have rescued dogs.

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I’m sure almost every pet parent has caught their dog eating grass at one point or another. It might seem weird for an animal that usually prefers meat to munch on grass, but there are actually many different reasons as to why your dog might be doing this.

I used to eat grass often when I was extra hungry, but once my food portions were slightly increased, I no longer had an interest in grass. My brother, Taco, always tries to eat grass right away in the morning, but after he eats breakfast, he has no interest in it anymore.

It is a weird habit that dogs develop, but it’s actually much more common than you might think.

Unfortunately, there is not just one clear answer to this question. Each dog does it for different reasons and some dogs will react differently to grass than others.

Is Eating Grass Unhealthy?

Luckily, eating grass is not harmful for dogs. It might be annoying if you dog constantly stops to eat grass while walking, but luckily, it will not actually hurt them. However, it does not provide any nutritional benefits either.

Dogs are actually considered omnivores. Therefore, even though it is important for them to eat plenty of meat, they also need some plants in their diet. Some dogs might just eat grass to add to that diet or simply because it tastes good to them.

The only reason you should be concerned about your dog eating grass is because it could have pesticide and other chemicals in it. For this reason, you might not want your dog just eating random grass. Therefore, you might want to provide them with your own grass, plants, or vegetables at home to help satisfy their need for greens.

Does Eating Grass Lead to Vomiting?

Many dog lovers just assume that grass leads to vomiting, but this is actually not always the case. Most of the time, dogs will eat grass and still be perfectly fine afterwards. However, it is possible for some dogs to throw up if the grass tickles their neck and stomach.

However, some believe that dogs purposely eat grass in order to throw up. If they aren’t feeling well or have an upset stomach, they might eat it specifically to throw up and get it out of their system. However, it’s not really clear if this is true or not. I know that I’ve never considered purposely making myself throw up.

If your dog is continually eating grass and experiencing vomiting, diarrhea, or weight loss along with it, you will want to visit your vet. It is always possible that your dog could have an underlying issue that is causing them to eat grass. Vets will be able to run different tests to see what’s causing this behavior.

How Can You Prevent Your Dog from Eating Grass?

Most commonly, dogs will just eat grass because they’re bored or because it’s tasty. However, some pet parents might still want their dog to stop just to be safe, which is perfectly fine.

If you make changes to their diet, this could help them to stop eating grass. For example, you might need to feed them more vegetables or larger portions. However, if you are unsure what to change, your vet can give you a better idea.

If that doesn’t work, dogs can simply be trained not to eat grass as they would with any other behavior. If they stop eating it when you tell them to, you should reward their good behavior. Hopefully, they will be able to pick up on this in no time. Plus, a treat is definitely more exciting than a blade of grass!

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