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When shopping or running errands, it can be difficult to leave your dog behind. It’s naturally assumed that dogs are never allowed in stores, unless of course, it’s a pet-specific store like Petco or Petsmart. But I’ve recently learned that there are other big companies that are also dog-friendly. They don’t always state that they allow dogs on the door, but they claim to be dog-friendly on their websites.

When in doubt, call a location near you to confirm that dogs are allowed. I haven’t visited any of these stores yet, so make sure you ask stores near you before letting your dog tag along.

Which Stores Allow Dogs?

There are many popular stores that allow dogs, so I can’t list every single one of them. Here are a few that I’ve commonly heard are dog-friendly:

  • Abercrombie and Fitch
  • Apple Store
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Bass Pro Shop
  • Half Price Books
  • Hobby Lobby
  • Home Depot
  • Lowe’s
  • LUSH
  • Macy’s
  • Nordstrom
  • Ross
  • Tractor Supply Co.

It’s important to note that for many of these, only select locations will allow dogs. For example, if the shop is in a mall, it’s unlikely that the store will allow dogs if the mall doesn’t. So, as mentioned earlier, simply call or message the shop ahead of time. That can help clear up any uncertainties you might have.

What Should You Consider Before Bringing Your Dog?

Just because a store is dog-friendly doesn’t mean every dog should go. Dogs that come along for errands should be well-behaved and on a leash at all times. You should be able to have control over your dog and be able to quickly correct bad behaviors. If there’s even a small chance that your dog might try to run off, bark, or chew on something they’re not supposed to, it might be better to leave them behind.

Also, make sure your dog goes to the bathroom before entering a store. The last thing you’d want is for the staff of a non-pet store to have to clean up after your canine. If your dog isn’t house-trained or if they often pee when excited, then they definitely shouldn’t come.

I don’t want any dogs to feel left out, but I certainly don’t want any dogs to get in trouble either. So, please ensure that your dog will be on their best behavior before entering a store. It can be an exciting event for everyone if you trust your dog. But if you feel that it’s better to leave your dog at home, make sure to give them plenty of love and cuddles when you return.

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No matter what your opinions on politics are, there’s some good news for rescue dogs. I recently found out that Joe Biden’s dog Major will be the first rescue dog to live in the White House! While it shocks me that no other presidents have chosen to adopt, I’m happy to see that it has finally happened!

Major and Champ

Biden currently has two dogs: Major and Champ. Champ the German Shepherd joined the family back in 2008, and unfortunately, he doesn’t seem to be a rescue. But nearly ten years later, Biden’s family decided to open their hearts to a dog in need. The Delaware Humane Association had rescued a litter of German Shepherd puppies who were not doing well.

So, Biden’s family stepped up to foster Major, who was one of the puppies. Of course, he quickly fell in love and knew he had to adopt him. Both Major and Champ are very well-loved and are lucky to be in the spotlight. It’s exciting to see that dogs will finally be back in the White House after four dog-less years.

Hopefully, with Major in the White House, more humans will get to see the importance of dog adoption. The election has already brought many wins for dogs, so hopefully having a rescue dog in the White House will encourage more people to adopt and save dogs in need.

Congratulations, Major and Champ!

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Featured Image: @joebiden/Facebook

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It’s no surprise that your life significantly changes when you adopt a dog, but did you know that it can change you as a person too? Don’t worry, change is a good thing! For some people, change can be scary, but the new things you experience after adopting a dog are all positive. So, how will you be different after rescuing a dog in need?

#1 – You Learn to Stick to a Schedule Better

If you have trouble following schedules you set for yourself, then having a dog can certainly help! You need to walk them every day and feed them around the same time. Dogs typically learn best from routine, especially rescue dogs. So, helping keep your dogs on a daily schedule might also help you learn to stick to schedules better yourself.

#2 – It Will Help You Feel More Loved

Adopting a dog is often one of the best cures for loneliness. You’ll feel more fulfilled and appreciated when your dog comes to greet you after a long day of work. And in return, you’ll have lots of love to give, which is crucial for dogs who never had a loving home before. So, it’s important to never underestimate the love of a rescue dog.

#3 – You Might Become Healthier

Believe it or not, adopting a dog can even have many health benefits. First of all, you need to take them on daily walks, which sort of forces you to get a little more exercise. Of course, it’s a good thing though. More exercise and more time outside is sure to help you stay in shape and keep your heart healthy. Keeping your dog healthy might also help you pay closer attention to your own health. For example, choosing higher end ingredients for your dog’s food might make you want to choose better ingredients in your own meals as well.

#4 – You Become More Empathetic

When you adopt a dog, you can’t just be focused on yourself. You’re now caring for a living creature who likely had a rough past. So, it’s important for you to always care about their needs and emotions. By doing this, you’re likely to become more empathetic. Helping your dog feel happy and well-loved might also help you think about other people’s feelings more often.

#5 – It Helps You Be a Better Person

Adopting a dog means you saved that dog’s life and opened up space for another dog to be saved. That alone should help you be a better person. But seeing how that dog grows and changes over time can be even more rewarding. You will get to witness a scared and confused dog turn into a lovable companion. Knowing you’ve made such a big difference in a dog’s life is sure to make you want to be a better person in general. So, if you’re looking to add a dog to your family, please choose to adopt!

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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I know I usually post an informational post on Mondays and Thursdays, but I have decided to take a break this week. For over a year now, Molly and I have been working hard to post three blogs a week, but it has been much more difficult lately. As a dog, I can’t complete my blogs without the help of my human, but she has been busier than usual lately. She’s been working harder on the weekdays and doing more fun stuff on the weekends, so finding time for this blog has been tricky. That’s why we’ve decided to take a week off and try to figure out where we want to go from here.

I love writing this blog and spreading the word, but I also want to make sure Molly and I still have plenty of time to relax on weekends. So, I am considering changing my blog schedule, and I just wanted to give all my readers a heads up. Instead of doing three blog posts a week, I’m considering switching to two: one informational post and one fun news story, adoption story, or shelter post. That way, we won’t have to feel as rushed to post content.

As always, we’re happy to take suggestions on topics too. If you have any important topics that you’d like us to cover, please contact us to let us know! Also, let us know if you have a rescue dog whose story should be featured on our blog. I’m always happy to write about fellow rescue dogs, no matter how simple or complex their journeys are.

Thank you all for being so kind and understanding. You will see more posts from us very soon!

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Presidential elections are stressful for so many humans, and no matter the results, there are always people who are upset, angry, and frustrated. But for dogs, things are much easier. All we ask is that laws are passed to give us better lives, which means no puppy mills and no breed restrictions. And luckily, amid the tense 2020 presidential election, dogs across the country experienced some life-changing wins!

San Antonio Bans Puppy Mill Sales!

With many states still allowing pet stores to sell puppy mill dogs, it’s a victory every time an area bans it. San Antonio, Texas helped bring a bright side to this stressful time by banning the sale of dogs in pet stores, specifically from breeders. If a pet store wishes to continue selling dogs, they can only sell dogs through rescues and shelters. Hopefully, this will help put an end to puppy mills in the San Antonio area.

Before this ban, there were only three major pet stores selling puppies: Petland, Puppyland, and Royal Pet Palace. Petland is one of the biggest puppy sale stores in the United States, and while they can no longer sell puppy mill dogs in San Antonio, there are still many other places where they will continue to sell them. So, please do not shop at Petland or any other store that sells puppies unless there’s proof that they’re rescue dogs. Organizations like Bailing Out Benji are working hard to ban puppy store sales in all areas of the country, but it will become easier if we all work together to stop supporting these inhumane businesses.

Denver Finally Removes Ban on Pit Bulls!

Denver, Colorado also had a huge win for dogs amid the election. After 30 years of not being allowed to own Pit Bulls, Denver has finally lifted the Pit Bull ban! As long as the dog meets Denver’s other pet laws, such as having a microchip, there is nothing stopping people from having one in their household.

This is especially important because Pit Bulls are not an official breed. A Pit Bull is a category of muscular dogs that can really be whatever breed the city decides. Pit Bulls have long been discriminated against because of rumors of aggression, but the breeds that fall under this category are just as lovable as any other dog. So, this is a huge victory for all dogs and dog lovers!

Dogs are the Real Election Winners

There’s no doubt that the election has been hard on many humans, but sometimes, we need to try to look on the bright side of things. Dogs experienced so much success this month, so it’s something we need to celebrate. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of all states treating all dogs with love and respect.

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Sadly, I’ve heard humans give plenty of excuses when they buy a puppy from a pet store. In reality, there should never be any excuses, but the one that drives Molly crazy is when people say, “if pet store puppies are from puppy mills, then buying them is like rescuing them.” But this is an outrageous conclusion that needs to be stopped. So, here is why rescuing a puppy mill dog and buying a pet store puppy are NOT the same thing at all.

Rescuing a Puppy Mill Dog vs. Buying From a Pet Store

Rescuing a puppy mill dog means that the dog was saved from a puppy mill and brought to a shelter or rescue. Those dogs are often the breeding dogs from puppy mills, but sometimes puppies can be saved too. Any fees you pay to adopt that dog will go toward a rescue organization, not to a breeder, puppy mill, or pet store. Rescuing a puppy mill dog is all about saving that dog.

But when you buy a puppy from a pet store, all that money goes to the profit of a business. Instead of using that money to save more dogs, they use it to breed more puppies and put more dogs in danger. So, if you buy a puppy from a pet store, you’re supporting their cruel business. You’re encouraging them to breed more dogs in inhumane conditions. Sure, you might be giving your new puppy a good life, but you’re doing it by risking the lives of hundreds of other dogs.

How to Put an End to Puppy Mills

The easiest way to help end puppy mills is to never support them. Puppy mills only exist because people keep buying the puppies they produce. They most commonly sell those puppies online or at pet stores, claiming they’re from “reputable breeders.” But it’s important to never fall for these tricks. If a breeder refuses to show you where the puppies were bred and meet the puppy’s parents, then those are huge red flags.

Many humans will defend pet stores by saying, “but what will happen to the puppies that no one buys? We need to buy them to rescue them.” But if no one buys the puppies and the pet store doesn’t want to sell them, rescues and shelters will usually find a way to take them in. Puppies are very easy to adopt, so it’s usually easier for rescues to take them in than adult dogs. So, instead of buying those puppies from a pet store, it’s better to adopt them from a rescue because then you’re supporting a good cause instead of a terrible one. Plus, if no one is buying pet store puppies, there’s no need for them to continue producing them.

There will always be people who will make excuses for supporting puppy mills, but sadly, most people buy from pet stores because they just don’t know the truth. Buying a pet store puppy is nowhere close to rescuing a dog, and it only hurts dogs instead of helping them. So please, NEVER support puppy mills and spread the word to others. Don’t even buy products from pet stores that sell puppies. The more people that stop supporting these businesses, the sooner they can go away for good.

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I’m often told that animal friendships are the cutest, especially when they occur between two different species. Some animals love to get along with every creature they meet while others are more hesitant. But when two animals of different species become inseparable, humans always seem to fall in love. So, here are some of the dog and other animal friendships that Molly finds the cutest.

Raina and Ruuxa

Raina the Rhodesian Ridgeback and Ruuxa the Cheetah were best friends ever since they were tiny babies. They lived together at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park. Ruuxa was taken in as a cub because he had a genetic condition that caused his front legs not to grow correctly. So, he needed to go through lots of surgeries and medical procedures to get it fixed. Raina was always there to comfort Ruuxa, and soon enough, the two always wanted to be beside each other, even when they were older. Cheetah and dog friendships are somewhat common, but they don’t always last a lifetime like this one. Sadly, Raina has passed away since, which was heartbreaking for Ruuxa. Luckily, he still has a few other canine friends he can play with though.

Lundy and Herman

Lundy the Chihuahua puppy and Herman the pigeon were both rescues at The Mia Foundation. Lundy couldn’t use his back legs while Herman was unable to fly. When Lundy first arrived, Herman happily shared a bed with the pup. In no time, the two became best friends. They always loved to curl up next to each other, so the organization let them spend as much time together as possible. The were so adorable and inspirational that they even had a book made about them. Unfortunately, Lundy passed away recently, but Herman continues to comfort other animals at the rescue.

Henry and Baloo

Henry and Baloo are famous for their adorable Instagram page, which documents their travels. Henry is a dog and Baloo is a cat, and they’re both rescues. But from the looks of it, Baloo acts more like a dog than a cat! The two of them love going hiking in Colorado, and when Baloo gets tired, he rides on Henry’s back. The two of them also love to snuggle during chilly days. Plus, Baloo enjoys walking on a leash, sticking his head out the window, and being outside regardless of the weather. Maybe he really is a dog trapped in a cat’s body!

Nova and Pacco

Nova the German Shepherd and Pacco the ferret are another duo with an adorable Instagram page. Their mom had Nova first, but after about two years, she decided to get Pacco too. To her surprise, they loved each other right away. They cuddle and play just like two dog siblings might. And even though Pacco is much smaller than Nova, he often seems to be the boss of the friendship. Pacco even enjoys going for walks and playing tug-of-war just like a dog. It seems that growing up beside a dog can have a big impact on some animals.

Molly and Poss

Molly and Poss have a relationship that’s more like mother and son than two friends (not my mom Molly, but a dog named Molly). Molly the Beagle lost a litter of puppies and Poss the Possum lost his mom. So, the two bonded and Molly soon became like the mother he lost. Poss is often seen clinging to Molly and she doesn’t seem to mind one bit. The two of them also seem to get along with lots of other unusual animals, especially two sheep named Nigel and Weenie. Their mom documents all of their adventures on Instagram.

Me and Wooper!

Me and my axolotl sibling named Wooper are best friends… kind of. It’s pretty hard for a dog and axolotl to spend time together since she is always underwater and I’m not. But ever since she came home, I’ve loved sitting near her tank and watching her. Sometimes, she even swims toward me! Sure, it might not be as heartwarming as some of these other friendships, but I figured it was at least worth mentioning. Molly shares adorable photos and videos of me, Wooper, and Taco on Instagram!

Does your dog have any unusual animal friends? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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Dogs don’t drive cars, but if we could, we’d drive a Subaru. No, I’m not sponsoring or promoting any Subarus, but I recently read about what the company does for rescue dogs. They consistently feature dogs in their commercials and always encourage their customers to adopt dogs in need. So, they seem to be the most dog-friendly car company out there!

Subaru Loves Pets Month

October is “Subaru Loves Pets Month,” which means they spend extra time trying to help dogs in need. If you watch a lot of TV, you’ve probably seen their latest commercial called “The Underdogs.” In the commercial, they show several dogs that many people would consider “less adoptable.” This includes special needs dogs and senior dogs. In the commercial, they don’t even promote any of their own products, but instead, they encourage people to adopt the dogs that are often overlooked.

Plus, for the whole month of October, Subaru always hosts dog adoption events at many of their locations. Unfortunately, most of these events have been virtual this year due to the coronavirus, but it’s still a very kind thing for them to do. They even vowed to donate $100 to an animal organization for every special needs dog adopted during their events. Over the years, they’ve helped save over 230,000 dogs and they’ve donated over $28 million to the ASPCA. How could any car company top that level of kindness and dedication?

How Did Subaru Become so Dog-Friendly?

Subaru’s love for dogs first became clear in 2008. They launched a program called “Share the Love” where they would donate a portion of each purchase to the charity of that customer’s choice. After looking over the results, they quickly realized that animal organizations were by far the most donated to. So, what better way to promote cars than to cater to their dog-loving customers?

That’s when Subaru Loves Pets month became known. Customers quickly fell in love with it because it helped so many dogs in need. Seeing how much this company loves dogs makes me wish dogs like me could drive a Subaru!

Of course, loving animals alone won’t determine the quality of a product, but it can certainly help. I know Molly strongly favors companies that care more about others than about making money. Subaru is willing to use their advertising space to only promote dog rescue, so that’s as wholesome as it gets! If you’re on the fence about what kind of car to get, ask your rescue dog for advice. They’ll probably encourage you to get a Subaru!

Images from @subaruofamerica/Facebook

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When your dog gets a sudden burst of energy, it’s adorable and something we all laugh about. But when we do this, it’s not always as random as you’d think. Oftentimes, “zoomies” as humans call them have a specific reason. Sure, sometimes they’re just for fun, but believe it or not, running around like crazy can be well thought out too.

What are Zoomies?

“Zoomies” refers to an explosion of energy that your dog has. It most commonly happens right after they take a bath. The technical name for this is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (FRAPs). When your dog gets the zoomies, they’ll suddenly start running around like crazy, often spinning in circles.

It’s a normal behavior that nearly every dog experiences at some point. I usually get them whenever Molly comes home after being gone for a while or whenever I’m wet from a bath or rain.

Why Might Dogs Get Them?

Like most scenarios, all dogs do different things for different reasons. So, there are a few explanations as to why your dog might get the zoomies after a bath. Which one seems the most likely for your dog?

Releasing Energy

During a bath, your dog has to sit still for a long period of time, and they’re probably not enjoying themselves. So, during that time, they’re gathering a lot of pent up energy that eventually needs to be released. Thus, you’ll probably notice them take off as soon as you allow them to. It’s like the adrenaline you get after doing something you’re afraid of. This explanation is most commonly the case for anxious dogs and dogs who cannot seem to sit still.

Drying Off

Unless you have a professional dog hair dryer, it’s difficult to fully dry your dog after a bath. No matter how many towels you use, your dog will probably still feel damp afterwards. So, running can help your dog dry off faster. If your dog is bothered by being damp, you’ll probably also notice them roll around on the carpet whenever they stop running. It’s like a natural hair dryer that’s also fun!

Feeling Free

Bath time is frightening for many dogs, and it makes us feel trapped for the time being. If that’s the case for your pup, they might take off running due to relief. They’re just so overjoyed that they’re done doing something they hate, so they have to run around. They can’t go out and buy themselves something nice to celebrate like humans can, so they celebrate in any way that they can. For dogs, running around and playing with toys is the equivalent of a human going out and buying a drink.

Regaining Normal Scents

As much as you dislike your dog being stinky, your dog loves their natural funk. When you clean them, they might not be happy about your flower-scented dog shampoo. So, they might run around and roll on things to try to get their old scent back. Some dogs try really hard to stink as much as they do, so you giving them a bath is like forcing them to start all over. If only humans could understand the amazing smells that dogs experience.

Does your dog get the zoomies after a bath? Why do you think they do it?

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When most people think of a rescue animal, they picture a dog. Dogs are the most popular animals to have and they’re also some of the most overpopulated animals out there. So, choosing to adopt a rescue dog instead of paying someone to breed more puppies is crucial for saving the lives of many dogs. But sadly, it doesn’t stop there. There are so many animals out there that are hurt or killed for no reason, so it’s important for humans to help make a change.

Can Other Animals Be Rescues?

When Molly was looking for an axolotl, she first assumed that she could only buy one from a pet store or breeder. Being a rescue dog advocate, that didn’t feel right to her. So, she quickly discovered that axolotls can be rescues, which is how she found Wooper, my axolotl sister. After adopting Wooper, we realized that nearly any domesticated animal can be a rescue if you look hard enough.

Cats and bunnies are the most common non-dog rescues. Inhumane breeders, such as puppy mills, will often breed kittens and bunnies as well. That’s why you will often see these animals sold beside puppies at pet stores. And if you don’t know by now, you should never shop at a pet store that sells puppies because they are likely working with a puppy mill. But what about pet stores that don’t sell puppies? After all, many of them still sell plenty of other small pets.

While most pet stores that don’t sell puppies aren’t bad, the customers who shop there often make bad decisions. A lot of people naturally assume that small mammals, reptiles, amphibians, birds, and fish are much easier to care for than a dog or cat. In most cases, that’s true, but they’re still living creatures that have a lot of specific needs. So, many humans will buy these animals because of how cute they are, but then surrender them, give them away, or even release them into the wild if the animal turns out to be more work than they thought. But if you’re looking to surrender a domesticated animal, NEVER release them into the wild. Most of these animals won’t survive a day because they’re used to living in captivity or because your location isn’t their natural environment.

I had no idea that humans got rid of animals so quickly until I learned about Wooper. The rescue we adopted her from was created by a man who was sick of seeing innocent animals be released in the wild and sent to their death. So, he made his rescue easily accessible for anyone looking to get rid of an animal that traditional shelters and rescues won’t take.

How Can We Help Them?

The best way to keep domesticated animals safe is to be extra cautious before bringing one home. Before you bring any animal into your home, you should do plenty of research and have all their supplies set up. In other words, you should be as much of an expert as you can beforehand to make sure that you’re truly ready to commit to that animal. And I mean real research, not just the stereotypes you hear (such as how Betta fish are thought to only need small tanks even though they thrive best in tanks at least 4 gallons or larger.)

You can also help by not supporting businesses that appear to treat their animals poorly or only breed them for money. A pet store or breeder should be very knowledgeable about the animals they sell, and they should be able to tell you all the supplies you need for that specific animal. If there’s any chance that they could be treating the animals in inhumane ways, please shop somewhere else. The same is true for pet stores that sell puppies: even if you’re not planning to buy a puppy from them, don’t buy any products from them either because you’d still be supporting them.

Also, if you know anyone that’s looking to rehome an animal, make sure they know how to properly do it. Talking to rescues and reaching out to other pet parents are much better ways to give away a pet than to simply release them. So, make sure you educate others about how to properly care for pets and how to properly surrender them. That way, less innocent animals will be hurt by thoughtless humans.

When in Doubt, Adopt!

After realizing that so many animals can be rescues, Molly decided that she never wants to bring home any animals unless they’re rescues. She feels much more at ease knowing she saved an animal rather than potentially supporting a bad business. So, we’re encouraging others to do the same. If you’re looking to add any new animals to your family, no matter what species they are, please look for rescues first. Check out PetFinder or look at Facebook groups to see if you can find one that needs a new home. And if you end up not having many exotic rescues near you, make sure you at least turn to a pet store that’s humane and that truly cares about the animals in their care.

As always, we also want to remind everyone to do their research before adopting an animal. Even smaller animals can be big commitments in terms of time or money. Animals are not meant to just be cute things for you to enjoy, but instead, they’re living creatures that deserve plenty of love and care. If you’re bringing home an animal only for your own sake and not for that animal’s wellbeing, then you’re doing something wrong.

Do you have any animals that aren’t dogs? I’d love to hear about them in the comments!

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