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Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

Dog health is something that is very important to humans. What you feed your dog is actually a huge part of how healthy they are. So, if you feed your dog a popular dog food brand, you should know if it’s been recalled before. (Click title to read more!)


mans have a difficult time resisting the cute face of a puppy. This is why so many people walk past pet stores and stop to look at all the cute puppies for sale. Looking at puppies for sale might seem like a fun, heartwarming way to spend your time, but there is actually a dark secret behind nearly every pet store. Therefore, you should never even consider a pet store as a location to purchase a new dog. (Click title to read more!)

One of the biggest reasons humans should adopt is because many dogs are euthanized just to save space in shelters. There are only a few states that have no kill shelters (I heard that Delaware was recently labeled the first no-kill shelter state!) So, sadly, no dog is really safe in the majority of the other states, which is why humans need to adopt more often. (Click title to read more!)

During your day off, you and your dog might just want a lazy day, and that’s perfectly fine! Get cozy and watch a cute dog movie together. Of course, most dogs probably won’t stare at the TV unless they hear barking, but here are some of the best dog movies to watch with your furry friend curled up by your side.