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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I just wanted to share some information about our most recent foster dog (18th, to be exact.) I’m not a huge fan of her because I don’t usually like big dogs, but Molly seems to adore her. Her name is Lady A, and she was rescued from a breeding situation like several of our former fosters.

A few weeks ago, a German Shepherd breeder shut down nearby, and they had 80 dogs on their property. Yes, it was a puppy mill. The reason I know this is because no responsible breeder would have 80 dogs at once, and after meeting Lady A, it’s even clearer that these dogs weren’t treated right. The rescue we foster for took in quite a few of the German Shepherds, but Lady A is one of the oldest and most fearful of the group.

Lady A is about five years old, and sadly, she has no idea how to be a dog. She isn’t afraid to approach people, but she gets nervous very easily. She’s sensitive to loud sounds and sudden movements, so she spends a lot of time keeping to herself. In many ways, she’s an easy foster for Molly because she hasn’t had any accidents and she hasn’t made a sound.

However, there are a few aspects that make her a little more difficult, which could be why she isn’t adopted yet. Not only is she shy, but she’s hesitant of any place that’s unfamiliar. So, going outside and coming back in can sometimes be scary for her. Molly usually has to carry her back inside after she does her business (so Molly is getting quite the workout!) Lady A also hasn’t wanted to go on any walks yet. I’ve tried to tell her that there are lots of amazing smells on walks, but she doesn’t listen!

Like many of Molly’s foster dogs, Lady A needs a lot of patience, but with space and love, she’ll eventually come out of her shell. Even though I haven’t been the most welcoming dog toward her, I can tell she’s a sweet dog that wouldn’t hurt a fly. So, I’m sure she’ll find her forever home faster than we think.

If you’re currently looking to adopt a dog, please consider meeting some of the shy ones. Watching them open up to you and discover love are some of the most rewarding things you’ll ever experience!

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2 thoughts on “Meet Our German Shepherd Puppy Mill Survivor!

  1. Sharon says:

    Poor girl, and if she is anxious and shy, how irresponsible to be breeding from her. I hope she finds her perfect owner, shepherds will give so much for their humans.

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