Mabel the Rescue Dog

Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt ๐Ÿ’•

Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I’m excited to tell you about our new foster dog because he hasn’t been bothering me, so he’s probably one of my favorites. His name is Mister P, and he’s our 17th foster. We think he’s a Dachshund mix.

We don’t know anything about Mister P’s history besides that he came from a southern shelter. At first, they thought he was about two years old, but now they think he’s closer to nine months old. So, he’s technically still a puppy, but he’s very mellow for his age.

Mister P is very scared of people. He spent his first day hiding in the corner of the house and refusing to come any closer to Molly. Luckily, he is potty trained and quiet, but he still has a lot of learning to do. Concepts like going for walks, cuddling, and playing with toys are still confusing to him.

Yet, after only a week at our house, he has come a long way. Even though he’s still hesitant to be pet or picked up, he likes to be near Molly. It seems like he enjoys her company, as long as she’s not too close. He even gets sad when she leaves or when he doesn’t know where she is.

This weekend, he had a huge milestone. He went for his first walk! The first few times Molly tried walking him on a leash, he just froze in place or pulled backwards. But after a few tries, he started walking with us. He’s still hesitant about it, and it’s unclear if he enjoys it like I do, but it was amazing progress for him. Walking on a leash might seem like a normal dog thing, but for shy dogs, normal dog things can be new and scary.

Luckily, Mister P doesn’t seem quite as shut down as some of our former fosters, such as Odin (fka Sonny) and Tuck. So, we’re hopeful that he’ll keep growing and find his forever home before we know it. He keeps to himself a lot, so I don’t mind having him around. Molly and I are excited to see how much more his personality grows!

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