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Every dog at a shelter or rescue can benefit from a foster home. Foster homes allow them to get used to a comfortable environment while they wait for a forever family. However, there are some dogs that need foster homes a lot more than others, so which dogs should be a priority for foster parents?

“Pit Bull” Breeds

The term “Pit Bull” can be used to describe any dog with a muscular build, but it’s most commonly associated with Staffordshire Bull Terriers, American Pit Bull Terriers, and American Staffordshire Terriers. Sadly, Pit Bulls have a bad reputation, which makes it harder for them to find homes. Even the people who adore these dogs might not be able to adopt or foster them because of breed restrictions in their communities.

Any dog that could be considered a Pit Bull is at a high risk, which is why many rescues try to label them as “mixed breeds” instead. Since Pit Bulls are so common in shelters, they’re the hardest to adopt out and the first to be euthanized if rural shelters have no space. Most of these breeds are also considered high energy, so they might not be suitable for all foster homes. If you’re able to welcome a Pit Bull into your home temporarily, you could be saving their life.

Puppy Mill Survivors

As many of you know, Molly is very passionate about saving puppy mill dogs. These breeds aren’t as high-risk as Pit Bulls, but they can often take a while to find homes for because they’re usually terrified of the world. Kennels are no place for a puppy mill survivor to be because they’ve spent their whole lives in cages. If they’re stuck in a shelter, they won’t grow and make improvements. Thus, a loving foster home is the best way to help these dogs come out of their shells and learn what love is like.

Dogs with Behavioral Problems

Not many people want to put up with dogs that aren’t “perfect.” There are a lot of dogs that don’t get along with cats, other dogs, or kids. Some dogs may display aggressive or fearful behaviors in certain situations. All these things limit the amount of homes that are suitable for the dogs. If no one is able to accomodate these dogs in foster care, they may be euthanized in overcrowded shelters. Many homes have pets and kids, but if you have an environment that will help the difficult dogs calm down, you should consider taking one in. Most of them are only acting out because they’ve never been trained or loved.

Young Puppies

You might be surprised to see puppies on this list since they’re usually the first to get adopted. But the reason is that shelters are no place for young puppies, especially if they’re under 12 weeks old or not vaccinated. Young puppies are still building up their immune systems, so they’re vulnerable to many diseases like parvovirus. With so many dogs coming and going at shelters, it’s easy for puppies to get sick. So, it’s much safer if they can be in foster care.

Pregnant Dogs

Pregnant dogs can be a lot of work since there will soon be a whole litter of puppies in your home, but many foster parents love caring for them. As you can imagine, pregnant dogs deserve a comfortable place to give birth, so they shouldn’t have to be stuck at a shelter. When you take in a pregnant dog, you’re helping a lot more dogs than just one if you think about the puppies.

Of course, all dogs need a foster home. Every dog fostered can free up space for more dogs to be saved. So, if you can only foster the easy dogs who get adopted quickly, that’s okay! All fostering makes a huge difference, but I just wanted to shed some light on the dogs who need it most. Thank you to everyone who has helped care for dogs in need.

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