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I love having a fenced-in yard, but there are many humans who don’t have them. Recently, I’ve realized this even more because our current foster dog, Sonny, needs a home with a fenced-in yard. He’s very shy and still too scared to walk on a leash, so having a confined space to go outside would be safest and most efficient for everyone. So, it made me wonder why more dog parents don’t have fences.

All dogs can benefit from fenced-in yards, but you don’t need to have them. I’ve decided to take a look at the positives and negatives of having a fenced-in space for dogs.

Pros of a Fenced-In Yard

Like most dogs, I’m in favor of fenced-in yards! But let’s take a look at why they can be great for dog parents.

It’s Convenient

I know Molly doesn’t like taking me out when it’s raining or super cold, and honestly, I don’t like to be outside long in those situations either. So, having a fenced-in yard is great for quick potty breaks. Plus, it gives me a little more freedom to explore the yard and do my business at my own pace.

It’s Perfect for Shy Dogs

For dogs like Sonny, fenced-in yards are the best way to go outside. Shy dogs often don’t like going for walks because they might come across unfamiliar situations, including humans and other dogs. So, if you have a dog like Sonny who’s terrified of everything, including a leash, then having a fenced-in yard makes it easy to get them to go to the bathroom.

It Reduces the Chances of Your Dog Running Away

Flight risk dogs will do anything to escape the house, so leaving the door open a crack is risky. Yet, if your yard is surrounded by a fence, your dog can’t run away if they sneak outside. It offers a protective barrier for dogs that like to try to run.

It Could Offer Some Privacy

Depending on the type of fence, it could also offer some privacy for you and your dog. Some dogs get very stressed when they see people and dogs walking by their house, so a fence that’s not see-through is a great way to keep them relaxed and secure.

Cons of a Fenced-In Yard

Even though fenced-in yards are clearly awesome, there are some downsides to them. Here are a few reasons why humans might not buy fences.

It’s Expensive

I’m a dog, so I don’t know a lot about fences, but I’m sure they’re expensive. Not everyone can afford to make additions like that to their homes, and that’s understandable.

It Might Reduce Your Dog’s Exercise

Having a fenced-in yard might cause some parents to be lazy with their dog’s exercise. They might let them out in the yard more often instead of walking them because it’s more convenient. But dogs need walks for exercise and for excitement. So, please don’t deprive them of that if you get a fence.

Not All Neighborhoods Allow Them

A big reason a lot of humans don’t have fenced-in yards is because their neighborhoods don’t allow it. Some neighborhoods have strict rules and not all fences look nice. So, some families might not be able to have a fence even if they wanted to.

Are Invisible Fences Better?

Many people choose an invisible fence because it follows neighborhood regulations better and it’s often less permanent. However, that doesn’t always mean they’re better. If you install an invisible fence, you can’t just let your dog outside as soon as you put it up. You need to spend a lot of time teaching your dog where the boundaries are.

For obedient dogs, this process might not be too hard, but for shy dogs like Sonny, it would take just as much work as leash training. Plus, invisible fences are sometimes unreliable, even for well-trained dogs. So, I recommend a regular fence, but I know not all humans can have those.

Do You Need a Fence for Your Dog?

No, you don’t need a fence for your dog, but I’m sure many pets would appreciate it. Fences allow your dogs to spend more time in the yard without you having to stand outside in the cold with them. You should still keep an eye on your dog while they’re in the yard, but it’ll be more convenient for the both of you.

Some rescue dogs like Sonny do better in a home with a fenced-in yard, so please don’t be mad if a foster parent requires it. Most rescues and shelters want to make sure the dogs find the best home possible, so that’s why they might have unique requirements sometimes. If your home isn’t the right fit for the dog you’re interested in, don’t worry! The perfect dog will eventually come along, and they might not be the kind of dog you initially expected.

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