Mabel the Rescue Dog

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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! Luckily, Molly let me have a week to myself before bringing home another foster dog. But that week went by way too fast! Now, we’re taking care of our 13th foster dog, and his name is PeeWee.

PeeWee is a 6-year-old Jack Russell Terrier mix, but his personality isn’t what you’d expect. Most humans assume that terriers are hyper, high-energy dogs, but PeeWee isn’t like that. At first, he sniffed my butt a little more than I wanted, but he hasn’t been overly crazy or overwhelming. The only time he’s hyper is when Molly lets him out of his crate, which is understandable. Otherwise, he just sleeps most of the time.

We’re not really sure what his story is, but he seems like he had a family before. After all, he made himself comfortable on our couch very quickly. But there are little things that make it seem like he didn’t have the best home. First of all, he doesn’t seem to know how to go for walks. He gets excited to walk, but he cannot walk in a straight line, he bumps into Molly a lot, and sometimes he randomly pulls backwards. But he’s slowly learning what walks are, and he seems to love them.

He also gets skittish at random things. Some sudden movements or sounds make him jump, which makes me think someone might not have been nice to him. But he’s very friendly and loves cuddling with humans.

Another thing that surprised us is that he’s very quiet. For the first few days, we never heard him bark. Now, he barks sometimes when dogs walk by, but I might have influenced that. Molly says I’m a bad influence sometimes, but I don’t think so at all!

Hopefully, PeeWee will find his forever home soon! He’s a great dog, and any family would be lucky to have him. As much as I like having the house to myself, I’m glad Molly keeps helping more dogs in need.

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