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Getting a dog is a big responsibility, but if you live with someone else, then you’re not the only one affected by the adoption. Even if you plan to be the dog’s only caretaker, your roommate will still have to spend some time with the dog. So, your roommate should be included when you get a new pet, no matter how close you are to them. Here are some tips about adopting a dog if you live with another human.

Get Your Roommate’s Permission

Before you adopt any pet, you should talk to your roommate about it first. Even if you promise that they will never have to deal with the pet, they likely will at some point. So, they need to be willing to have a dog around. Luckily, many humans love having a dog that they don’t have to pay for, but others might get annoyed if the dog bothers them all the time. So, it really depends on what your roommate is like.

Let Them Help You Choose a Dog

If your roommate agrees, then it can’t hurt to let them help you choose the perfect companion. Or the least you can do is let them meet the dog in advance. For example, if you’re looking at a high energy puppy, your roommate might not be too thrilled. As cute as puppies are, no one wants to clean up after someone else’s messy pup. Make sure the dog gets along with everyone in your home before adopting them.

Never Make Assumptions

When you have a dog of your own, don’t assume that your roommate will walk them and feed them when you’re not home. Your dog is your responsibility, not theirs. Of course, if you’re running late and need to ask your roommate for help, they probably won’t mind. But be sure to politely ask them to do things for your dog rather than assuming they’ll do it. No matter how much they love your dog, they didn’t sign up to care for their every need.

Crate Train Your Dog

It’s a good idea to crate train your dog no matter what, but it’s especially helpful if you live with other people. That way, if your roommate is alone with the dog, they can crate them if it’s easier. Some dogs can be attention hogs, which can make it difficult to get anything done. Your roommate should have the option to distance themselves from your dog if they’d like.

Make Sure You’re Ready for a Dog

The most important thing to consider in any situation is if you’re even ready for a dog. Do you have enough time to commit to a dog? Is your home pet-friendly? Do you have lots of extra money saved up? Are you willing to spend time exercising, training, and playing with your dog? If any of those answers are no, then getting a dog isn’t a good idea. After all, if you don’t take care of your dog, your roommate might have no choice but to do so instead, and that’s not fair to them.

Your living situation plays a big role in whether or not you can get a dog. In many cases, it’s not just up to you. So, make sure everyone in your home is on the same page about getting a new dog, even if you don’t plan to live with that person for long. All the humans and pets in your home deserve to feel comfortable and happy in their own space.

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