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Hi everyone, it’ Mabel. I wanted to give a quick update for those who are confused about a change on my blog. I recently deleted some posts, and I want everyone to know that it was on purpose. They are no longer on the site, but I have them saved in case I ever want to put them back up. The two in particular that I am talking about are “Why Do Vets Recommend Unhealthy Dog Food?” and “The Truth About the FDA Grain-Free Investigation.”

For some reason, the vet one recently blew up, causing my daily views to double. At first, I was excited, but now, not so much. That article was a random post I made because I was curious about the topic, so I did a little more research. But many readers began to assume things and get angry at me. It was never meant to be an opinionated post, but rather, just an answer to a question I’d been wondering for a while. I know it stressed Molly out to get messages that weren’t so nice.

Then there were also a lot of messages asking about dog food recommendations. Of course, we prefer certain brands over others, but we didn’t feel comfortable sharing our preferences with readers. Why? Because that’s not what our blog is about! Molly isn’t a dog nutritionist, and she made that very clear in the post. Yet, people still seemed to think she was, and they blindly agreed with everything she said in the posts, even though it was just some simple observations.

So, it just became too overwhelming for us. This blog is about encouraging dog lovers to adopt. Sure, we’ll have random posts about other dog topics too, but that’s not the focus of the blog. We’re happy to answer questions about dog rescues, fostering, puppy mills, and anything else related to finding the right dog. But we’re not the ones you should be asking about product recommendations. Dog food can be a very controversial topic and the last thing we want is for someone to get mad at us over a topic like food.

Therefore, we took that blog post and a similar one down in order to shift the focus away from that controversy. We want people to come on our blog and see information about dog rescues, not arguments in the comments. We just wanted to clarify our reasoning to our loyal readers who know what this blog is really about. Of course, we have lots of opinions about pet products, but this isn’t the place to express them.

Thank you for your support! And if you have any rescue-related topics you’d like us to write about feel free to visit the contact page!

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