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Guest post written by Cindy Aldridge

Originally, dogs were bred to do specific work for humans such as hunting and guarding. As a result, the evolution of dogs to live a sedentary lifestyle goes against their natural instincts. This may result in disruptive behaviors such as aggression, destruction, wandering, and excessive barking. As a dog parent, it is your responsibility to ensure that your dog is well-behaved and doesn’t cause trouble for your neighbors

Clean After Your Dog

When going to public areas such as parks, bring several doggie bags with you and dispose of waste properly. At home, potty train your dog so your pup knows where to go to the bathroom, and make sure your dog never uses the neighbor’s yard.

Teach Your Dog Public Etiquette Skills

Nowadays, you can have your dog accompany you to many places. Numerous businesses, offices, parks, and neighborhoods are dog-friendly. However, for your dog to thrive in a public environment and for you to enjoy their company in public, your pooch needs to be trained and well-behaved.

Some critical skills to teach your dog include leash training, obedience to instructions, and not to jump on other people. Teach your dog to obey commands, sit calmly, and not to beg for food.

Feed Your Dog Well

Feeding your dog nutritious meals not only helps him to become healthy and strong, but also can be a way to manage their behavior. Researchers have associated a lack of certain minerals in a dog’s diet with problem behaviors.

Animal behavior is regulated by neurotransmitters and hormones, which are chemical compounds whose production is influenced by the presence or lack of specific nutrients in the dog’s diet. For instance, varying levels of tryptophan and tyrosine may make your dog more prone to aggression and resisting your commands. Keep your dog satisfied to prevent aimless loitering and barking within your house and neighborhood.

Install a Fence

Prevent escapes and wandering by installing a fence around your property so your pup can exercise safely without disturbing the neighborhood. You can find local Angi fencing installers in your area, but always research customer reviews and feedback before contacting a fencing professional. Fence installation averages $4,500; cost considerations include the size of the fence, labor, and materials.

Stay Up-To-Date with All Your Dog’s Vaccinations

At any one point, make sure that your dog is vaccinated properly. Although your pup may not have exhibited any aggressive behavior, you want to ensure they are vaccinated in case they bite or scratches someone. Dogs should be vaccinated against rabies periodically to prevent the risk of transmitting the disease to human beings.

Be Aware of Other People’s Feelings

Acknowledge that not everyone loves dogs. Some people are allergic to dogs. Only allow your dog to greet other people if the other person asks to greet them. Similarly, do not let your dog out to play with another pet without seeking permission from the owner.

During walks, leash your dog and keep them close to you. Ensure that the leash is short enough so that they don’t jump or contact passersby. If your dog misbehaves or does something to upset someone else such as jumping on or barking at them, apologize.

Provide Your Dog with Enough Stimulation

Adequately stimulating your dog will help your pooch expend energy and tire him out. It also helps them beat boredom by providing your furry friend with something meaningful to do. This way, they will have less energy to engage in disruptive behaviors such as barking and wandering. Take your canine companion for walks, buy puzzle toys and teach him to play, and spend some time training and teaching him new tricks.

While your dog provides you with good company and may serve as a watchdog on your property, they can become a nuisance in your neighborhood if behavior is not checked. The above tips will ensure good behavior and guarantee amicable living in your neighborhood.

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