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Hi, it’s Mabel! As many of you probably know, Molly recently took on two foster dogs at the same time. She was caring for Cuda the very senior dog and Tuck the puppy mill survivor. Both seemed like they would take a long time to get adopted, each for different reasons. But now, both of them experienced miracles! They were both adopted last week… by the same family!

The couple initially applied to meet Tuck, who is so afraid of people that he won’t let anyone touch him. During his meeting, Molly kept Cuda in the kitchen behind a gate so he could still see her. Tuck is always more comfortable around other dogs, so Molly thought it would help him if Cuda was nearby. Plus, he grew very fond of Cuda since he arrived in foster care.

Despite not being able to hold him or cuddle him, the couple fell in love with Tuck. But then, they asked to meet Cuda too. So, Molly brought Cuda out and right away, Cuda rushed to the family, begging for love and attention. Tuck seemed a little more at ease with Cuda in the same room.

That couple chose to adopt Tuck on the spot, but later, they decided that they wanted both of them! They thought it would be good to have another dog to help Tuck adjust to his new home. Plus, Cuda will give the family lots of cuddles while Tuck gets comfortable around people.

These humans were some of the nicest applicants Molly has met with. She is so grateful that they’re willing to extend their hearts to a senior dog and a puppy mill survivor. She has no doubt that they will have an amazing life ahead of them. The couple decided to keep both of their names.

Of course, Molly misses Cuda and Tuck a lot. She grew very attached to them, even more so than with her past fosters. But she’s so happy for them, and I’m happy to have a little time to myself. She’s taking a week break, and then she plans to foster some more. I better get extra treats for being such a good host!

As I’ve said many times before, if you’re a huge dog lover like Molly, then please consider fostering. It saves lives!

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