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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! We’ve been fostering so consistently that it’s hard for me to keep up with posts about each dog. So, I apologize if we don’t share every detail about our foster adventures. If you want more consistent updates on me and our foster dogs, check out our Instagram page.

We are currently on our 6th foster dog. Molly says we’re ready to take on a big dog now, but somehow we ended up with another tiny dog. Her foster mom needed a new foster home for her because she was intimidated by the high-energy dogs there. So, our home is definitely more relaxing for her. Her name is Cuda, and she’s 14 years old!

Cuda was surrendered recently because she didn’t get along with her family’s new baby. While I’m sure the family thought long and hard about it, it still must’ve been a tough decision. Imagine having a dog for that long and then having to give them up. I know Molly wouldn’t be able to do it, but we respect the family’s decision and we’re glad they did the right thing by bringing her to a loving rescue.

If you saw Cuda though, you’d never know she was 14 years old. She gets around really well and is very lively. She enjoys playing fetch and going for walks just like any other dog. She even jumps on furniture and climbs stairs with no issues (but Molly carries her a lot just to be safe). And she doesn’t seem depressed or scared at all. She made herself at home right away, and she seems comfortable around us.

All of our other fosters got adopted as soon as possible, but I have a feeling it might take Cuda a little longer. Sadly, a lot of families aren’t willing to take a risk with a dog her age. But Cuda seems very healthy, so I think she still has a few years left in her. Hopefully someone will be willing to open their heart to her and give her the retirement home of her dreams.

While I’m usually hesitant about foster dogs, I like Cuda. We’re both lazy dogs who keep to ourselves and only seek attention when we feel like it. So, we respect each other and haven’t barked or growled at each other at all. If it takes her a while to get adopted, I guess that’s okay. I don’t mind having her around. But of course, I can’t wait for her to find her happily ever after!

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