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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! As you know, Molly and I believe the bond between a human and dog is something unbreakable. Molly always tells me that I’ve changed her life in so many ways, especially since I’ve been there for all the big moments she experienced so far. So, when I heard about a fellow dog lover who wanted to talk about dog-and-human relationships like ours, I couldn’t wait to share her project with all of you!

The Woman’s Best Friend Project

Photographer and dog lover Kristen Kidd is working on an incredible project called “The Woman’s Best Friend Project”. She’s collecting stories from many women and their dogs to share with the world. All these stories answer one powerful question: “When was your dog there in a way humans could not be there for you?” She collects stories from fellow dog lovers to create a heartwarming coffee table book.

This year, in 2021, the third coffee table book will be released, and Kristen is still looking for submissions! She hopes to have about 50 participants who can show the world why the relationships between women and their dogs are so magical. And as an added bonus, she’ll even capture the love you and your furry friend share on camera.

Best of all, these books benefit rescue dogs! The 2019 Woman’s Best Friend book raised $7,000 for Harley’s Haven Dog Rescue. Imagine how much more can be raised with this new book. Not only will these stories empower people and show them that dog adoption is awesome, but it will directly help rescue dogs in the process.

How Can You Be a Part of it?

Are you a woman whose life has been changed by a furry friend? Kristen is still looking for stories to add to the 2021 book, which is planned to be published in October. If you have a story of you and your best friend that you want to share, please click this link for more information. This is your chance to be a part of something amazing in the world of rescue dogs.

Check out the Woman’s Best Friend trailer below:

Featured Image: @kristenkiddphotography/Facebook

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