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Guest post written by Cindy Aldridge

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Sometimes, we need to change. Other times, we overhaul our entire lives with just a few big decisions. Two of these that have become highly prevalent since the dawn of the coronavirus pandemic are starting a business and adopting a pet. Individually, each of these decisions has a profound effect on our lives. Together, they can help us take control of our personal finances and happiness, respectively.

Why Adopt a Pet When You Are Starting a Business?

Companionship is an obvious reason to adopt an animal. But specifically for a new business owner, bringing home a rescue pet means fewer unknowns. Rescue pets have already been temperament tested and will likely continue to display their normal personality traits even in a new environment. A puppy from a breeder, however, may still be highly excitable and need more hands-on care than you can give when your attention is turned to your business.

Another great reason to adopt a pet from a rescue is that the volunteers at the shelter only want what is best for the dogs. Mabel the Rescue Dog also points out that the volunteers at the rescues and shelters look at this as a labor of love and they will have spent time with each animal. Your rescue volunteer will likely know them well enough to help you make decisions on which pet is right for your new situation.

Business Steps to Make Life Easier

Knowing your new pet’s temperament is only one step toward creating a harmonious new life within your new endeavor and your new furry friendship. There are other, more practical, matters to attend to that will help streamline your life both personally and professionally. First, hire a personal assistant. According to Staffing At Tiffanie’s, a personal assistant can handle many tasks for you, including pet care. They can also tackle a few administrative duties, like returning emails and managing your calendar.

Next, look at your business structure. Forming an LLC may not matter to your pet, but it will be one less research-intensive task that you’ll need to handle later on. Further, you may save some money by having a business entity established, especially if you do it on your own without your attorney. You’ll also want to set hours for your business and stick to them as close as possible so that you can stick to a schedule.

Create a Routine That Lets You Walk in Both Worlds

Routines are critical when you have a new pet and a new business. Before you start penciling in your daily schedule, think about your dog’s needs. You want to make sure that you can pull away from work at least three times every day for walks. If you’ve already hired a personal assistant, they can handle some of these for you, but ultimately, you do want to have time that you can bond with your dog. This might mean that you need to log in early and handle computer tasks so that you can take a long lunch and one or two midday breaks. This is obviously easier if you work from home, but you could also create a space for your dog at your brick-and-mortar location. Ideally, your pet can stay in your office with you and will have a safe space to go should you need to step away from meetings or to handle other important business tasks.

Two of the most positive things to come out of this pandemic are that people are learning to start businesses and shelters are empty. On the surface, adopting a pet and becoming an entrepreneur have nothing in common, but they can both enhance your life and give you the type of fulfillment that you only dreamed about. It’s a balance. If you want to walk in both worlds at the same time, the advice above can help.

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