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When humans see an adorable animal, they always seem to want one of their own. Sometimes, they’re just joking, but many times they’re serious Sadly, many families will bring an animal home just because they think they’re cute. Of course, every dog is cute, but that doesn’t mean you should take them all home. There’s much more to pets than just a pretty face, so be patient when choosing a new family member.

Looks Aren’t Everything

Humans are drawn to animals because they’re cute. That’s just a fact that everyone knows. But don’t let a dog’s cuteness control you. Don’t let yourself feel like you need to bring them home that instant. Because if you rush into getting a new animal only because of looks, then you’re neglecting other important aspects.

Are you ready to care for a new animal? Do you have enough space? Do you have enough time and money? Does that animal’s personality match your household? Will you be able to keep that animal happy and healthy at all costs? These are just some of the many questions you should ask yourself before making such a big decision. If you answered no to any of them, then you might need to move on no matter how cute the animal is.

Also, just because you have your heart set on one animal doesn’t mean they’re perfect for you. There are thousands of dogs out there that need a home, so even if one cute puppy gets adopted, you might later find out that there’s another one that gets along with your family even better. There will always be animals who need homes, so don’t feel like you need to rush to adopt the one that looks the cutest.

The Most Important Qualities of an Animal

The most important part of any animal is not their looks, but instead, their personality and care requirements. That’s what all animal adoptions should be based on. And remember, some dogs have more advanced care requirements than others based on their size, age, coat type, and energy level. The animal should seem like a good fit for your home and you should know exactly how to take care of them in advance.

For example, Molly wanted to adopt an axolotl because she thinks they’re so cute. But she didn’t rush to adopt the first one she saw because she knew she wasn’t ready. So instead, she did lots of research ahead of time to make sure that an axolotl was a good animal for our home. Then, she also gathered all the supplies to make sure she was ready for when she finally found the perfect one. And now, we have Wooper in our home, who is happy and healthy!

So, adopting animals can be an incredible thing. But not everyone is fully prepared. Whether it’s a dog, cat, bird, fish, or any other pet, you need to be committed. Pets are living creatures, not just cute things for you to admire. So, please do your research to make sure the animal you’ve fallen in love with is truly the right animal for you.

And, of course, make sure you research where that animal is coming from. If possible, you should always choose to adopt from a shelter or rescue rather than buy from a pet store or breeder. The easiest way to find rescue animals near you is to search on PetFinder. Hopefully, you’ll find a dream animal who’s not only cute, but also matches your ideal personality and care requirements.

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3 thoughts on “Don’t Bring Home an Animal Just Because They’re Cute

  1. We are approaching a year since we adopted Kera. We lost our dear old Sid the year before. We had decided against another dog as we travel abroad to visit family. But lockdown changed all that. We decided a girl dog, rather than a puppy, might be easier for us to manage as we both have bad backs! We approached our nearest rescue charity who had just one dog who needed a home. We didn’t look any further. She is perfect! And asking very nicely now whether it might be time for her walk!

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  2. Sarriday says:

    Very true find your supplies first know if you can handle the pet you want then decide if you want it and find a place to put it

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