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Dogs are amazing creatures. Of course, I think I’m the best dog in the world, but the Guinness World Records seem to think otherwise. There are lots of smart and talented dogs who have beat world records, and sadly, I’m not one of them. So, I thought it might be fun to recognize some of them. Here are nine awesome dogs who have broken world records!

Most Tennis Balls Held in Mouth

Finley the Golden Retriever is famous for holding lots of tennis balls in his mouth at once. His record is holding six at once, and he does it regularly just for fun. After all, what dog isn’t obsessed with tennis balls? Before 2020, Augie the Golden Retriever held the record with only five.

Tallest Dog Ever

Zeus the Great Dane was the tallest dog ever. On all fours, he stood 44 inches tall. Sadly, he passed away in 2014, but no one has surpassed his height. Freddy the Great Dane was the tallest living dog at about 40 inches tall, but he recently passed away too.

Highest Jump by a Dog

A Greyhound named Feather achieved the highest jump in 2017. She scaled a hurdle that was 75.5 inches tall.

Longest Tongue on a Dog

Mochi the Saint Bernard holds the record for longest tongue on a dog. Her tongue was officially measured in 2016, and it was 7.31 inches long.

Longest Ears on a Dog Ever

Tigger the Bloodhound has incredibly floppy ears, as most Bloodhounds do. Way back in 2004, he broke the record for longest ears, with one measuring 13.75 inches and the other measuring 13.5 inches. Sadly, he has since passed away in 2009.

Longest Tail on a Dog

In 2015, an Irish Wolfhound named Keon broke the record for the longest tail on a dog. His massive tail is 30.2 inches long!

Most Balls Caught by a Dog’s Paws in One Minute

A Beagle named Purin holds a more peculiar record. In 2015, she caught 14 soccer balls in her paws in one minute. I don’t think I could even sit upright, let alone catch a soccer ball!

Fastest 30 meter on a Scooter by a Dog

You heard that right! Dogs can ride scooters, or at least, some of them can. Norman the Scooter Dog can ride a scooter 30 meters in only 20.77 seconds. He broke broke this record in 2013, and the fact that he can ride a scooter is amazing enough.

Most Steps Walked Down by a Dog Balancing a Glass of Water

This is perhaps the most unusual record of all, and it’s something I couldn’t even dream of doing. Sweet Pea the Australian Shepherd/Border Collie mix can take 10 steps forward while holding a glass of water on her head. And somehow, she didn’t spill any of it! She can do a similar skill while walking backwards and with a can on her head.

Image: Screenshot, ALEXROTHACKER YouTube

These are just some of the many dogs who have set unbelievable records. Not all of us can have unique talents or crazy looks, so stories like these are so incredible. I should aspire to be like these record-breakers, but I’d much rather take a nap.

If you want your dog to break a world record, just make sure you only do it if your dog seems like they’re having fun. If your dog is resistant to learn bizarre tricks, don’t force them to. We’re living creatures, not just entertainment. So, dog world records are awesome, but only if the dogs are treated properly.

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3 thoughts on “Incredible Dog World Records

  1. You haven’t mention the Largest number of single breed dogs walked in one event. 1029 beagles on 22 April 2018 at Capesthorne Hall near Macclesfield UK. I am one of the record breaker beagles. *Proud ears.

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    1. That’s awesome! There are so many dog records out there, so I was only able to mention a few of them 🙂

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  2. Interesting post! Amazing to think how skilled some dogs are💗

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