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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel the rescue dog! These past two weeks have been a little crazy for us. As you probably know, we took in our second foster dog named Tobi. He had a lot of energy and was always seeking attention, but we all loved him very much. Taco and I even played with him sometimes, which is something we don’t normally do with new dogs.

Of course, people quickly fell in love with Tobi and wanted to meet him. We had four families meet Tobi, and then he was put on hold because he had so many people interested in him. Unlike our first foster dog, not all the families wanted to take him home immediately though. One decided they wanted a female dog instead while another didn’t think he bonded with them enough, and we felt the same. But two wonderful families were very interested with him, so we still had a tough decision to make.

Molly made the final decision based on which family Tobi was more enthusiastic about. We think he would’ve been happy and healthy with either family, but we had to decide somehow. So, last week he went home with his new family, and I’m sure he’s having the time of his life!

I know Molly misses Tobi a lot, but I think she’s also relieved to have only two laidback dogs again. Tobi loved attention, but Taco and I sleep most of the time when we’re at home. So, we will have a nice, relaxing break before the next foster comes in.

Molly is already trying to get another foster dog lined up! There are plenty of dogs looking for foster homes, so odds are, we’ll have another foster sibling soon. Stay tuned for more adorable rescue dog photos and updates! And if you’re considering fostering, we’d recommend giving it a try. It will make your heart happy!

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5 thoughts on “Tobi Found His Forever Home!

  1. Lucky Tobi!Hope it all works out really well.

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    1. So far they’ve told us that he has adjusted quickly, which is very exciting! 🙂


      1. Great! You’ll miss him I’m sure!

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I definitely miss him, but it is relaxing to only have two dogs for a little while!


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