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I get lots of kisses. Molly loves giving me and Taco kisses and cuddles on a regular basis, and she says it’s hard to resist. While many dogs don’t like hugs and kisses, I sure do! But I recently started wondering why humans kiss their dogs so much. Dogs don’t always understand the meaning behind kisses, so it seems pointless to do it. Yet, many humans consistently feel the urge to kiss their furry friends. Why is this?

Kissing is a Sign of Love

For humans, kissing is a sign of love and affection. So, when they feel those emotions in their hearts, they might feel the urge to give kisses. Of course, this isn’t the case for all humans, but it is true for many. When you see your dog, you might feel so much love that you just have to kiss them.

It’s the Human Version of Licking

Dogs might not kiss those they love, but licking is their version of it. Mother dogs lick their puppies, happy dogs lick their humans, and some playful dogs even lick each other. So, we do understand the urge to give someone a kiss, but we just do it in our own way. Plus, humans don’t lick when they’re feeling affectionate, so they kiss instead. It might take a while for dogs to realize that kissing is like licking, but many learn to love it. Of course, you should never kiss your dog if it makes them uncomfortable though.

Dogs are Just So Cute!

Humans have the urge to kiss things that are cute. Dogs, babies, or significant others can make humans so full of love that they just want to give endless kisses to that person or animal. I know I’m cute because Molly tells me daily, so I understand that my cuteness often leads to more kisses. After all, I can’t help being adorable!

Kisses Make Some Dogs Happy

Some dogs actually like kisses. Most dogs are confused about them at first, but once they realize that kissing is a way humans show affection, they get excited for kisses. When Molly makes kissy sounds, I often come running to her because I love them so much! So, some humans kiss their dogs more simply because they know it makes them happy. But as I said before, if you have a new dog or a dog who’s uncomfortable with physical affection, please try your best to refrain from kissing them.

Humans who don’t have dogs might think dog kisses are gross, but they’re a sign of love for many humans and dogs. Only kiss your dog if you know it will make them happy. But if your dog loves kisses, don’t be ashamed of giving them a smooch!

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One thought on “Why Do Humans Kiss Their Dogs So Much?

  1. I have been licked by dogs I didnt even know. A vet told me dog licks are full of probiotics so I will accept all the licking I can get, healthy dogs accepted. I share my house mate’s dog and all my daughters doggie daycare dogs. They are all at home with the family from Titan, a huge white wolf looking dog to Frankie a Boston terrier. Dodger sleeps with me and I snore, I know, but when she thinks I am dying she licks me awake. I think dogs carry our love, the extra bit no human has claimed or earned, and without them bits of our hearts grow cold. Cats too, I suppose, but dogs for sure. I think kisses are under rated and we should take all we can get.
    Nice blog.


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