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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! We’ve been very busy lately, but I wanted to at least share an update this week. Almost two weeks ago, we started fostering a tiny little dog named Tobi. He’s much more energetic and playful than our first foster, Lola, so he’s been keeping us busy.

Because he needs lots of attention, we won’t have enough time to write our regular blog post this week. We want to take more time to help choose the best family for Tobi. We usually try to write two posts a week, but I don’t want Molly to stress about writing and caring for three dogs all at once. So, some weeks the posts might not be consistent (like this week) and we appreciate you understanding.

Tobi is a lot of work because he’s very young and loves attention. He has had a few accidents, but is mostly potty trained. He also recently got neutered, so he’s not supposed to be running or jumping too much. So, Molly needs to keep a close eye on him whenever he’s not in his crate. As much as she loves having him around, it can be exhausting to worry about a mischievous puppy all the time.

However, even though Tobi can be a handful, potential adopters love him! He has a few families meeting him this week, and he could have a forever home as soon as the end of the week! Of course, we’ll miss him. In fact, I’ve even played with him and cuddled with him a little, which is very unlike me. But we’ll also be happy to have a more relaxing household again, and we’re excited to help Tobi get his happily ever after.

I know Molly wishes she could be one of those foster parents who takes in lots of dogs, especially the dogs who need it the most. But we’re still very new to this fostering thing, and it’s not always easy. But it’s still very rewarding and we’re happy to be a part of it. Again, I apologize for the inconsistent posts, but just know it’s because we’re taking time to help dogs and relax a little bit too.

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