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Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! After taking in our first foster dog (Lola) and helping her find a forever home, Molly was eager to start fostering again. We know fostering isn’t for everyone, and it was a little stressful and chaotic, but ultimately, we loved it! It was such a rewarding experience and we were happy to help a dog in need. Now, we’re caring for our second foster dog: Tobi!

We picked up Tobi last week. It was coincidentally while we were dog-sitting Lola for a few days, so there was a lot going on! Tobi is a tiny dog, probably only about six pounds. The rescue had no idea what kind of dog he was, but we’re thinking he’s a Chihuahua mixed with some other small terrier (West Highland maybe?). His coat is interesting because it’s soft and doesn’t seem to shed, which is very different from your typical Chihuahua.

Tobi is still just a baby. He’s full-grown and won’t get any bigger, but he’s only about a year old. So, he has a lot of energy! He always wants to play and run around. Lola played with him a little while she was visiting, but Taco and I aren’t interested in his puppy games.

Sadly, this tiny dogs takes a lot of the attention away from us. He’s very needy and always wants all the love and cuddles for himself. That’s not fair because I love cuddles too! So, while I’m glad Molly is helping this scruffy little dog, I will be relieved when I get the attention to myself again (I guess I can share with Taco a little though…)

Tobi will be with us for at least two weeks. I have a feeling he will get adopted quickly because he’s a sweet little guy.

As usual, I encourage everyone to foster if they’re able. Even just doing it once can help. It really opens your eyes to how much rescuing a dog can change their world. And it will make you feel so fulfilled knowing you helped a dog find their happily ever after. It certainly isn’t easy, I won’t sugarcoat that. We’ve only had one small dog at a time so far, so we’ve had it easier than most. But doing the right thing isn’t always easy, and that’s okay! Because fostering is still fun and rewarding to our family!

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