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Sadly, we live in a world where humans are quick to judge. Too often, people are seeing the worst in things rather than looking on the positive side. In most cases, I can look past it, but as a rescue dog, it hurts to see people be rude to dog rescues and shelters. Some people get mad if a rescue doesn’t communicate well enough or respond to messages fast enough. Others are upset about adoption requirements being too strict. I know these things can be annoying at times, but I want to explain why I think people should be more lenient with these organizations.

#1 – They’re Run By Volunteers

The majority of the people helping out at shelters and rescues are volunteers. And even those who work at them don’t get paid a ton. So, these kind humans are choosing to do this with no compensation. They’re setting aside time to help you find a dog and to help dogs find a forever home. Yes, this means they might not respond as quickly as you’d like, but odds are, they’re trying their best. Be patient with them and be thankful that they’ve dedicated their time for this.

#2 – They Just Want What’s Best for the Dogs

People volunteer and work for shelters and rescues because they want to help dogs. They want dogs to find forever homes. Not all dogs have happy endings at these organizations, but in most cases, the workers do everything they can do help. So, if their process seems like an inconvenience to you, please think about all the hard work they do to make sure some rescue dogs find loving homes.

#3 – Running a Rescue is Stressful

Ever since we started fostering dogs, we’ve quickly learned how stressful and chaotic running a rescue can be. There are so many dogs coming and going, and there are so many things to remember. Molly said just caring for one of the dogs was a lot of work, so imagine how stressed the people in charge of the rescue or shelter must be. There can easily be miscommunications at times, but it’s not because these people want to make adopting hard, it’s because there’s so much going on. So, if adopting a dog doesn’t go as smoothly as planned, please cut these organizations some slack.

#4 – They Rely on Donations

As I mentioned before, the people working and volunteering at these places are not in it for the money. These places rely on donations to help them support their dogs. Organizations that don’t get enough funds can’t save as many dogs, which is the sad reality as to why kill shelters still exist. So, instead of complaining about all the things shelters and rescues do wrong, find ways to support them so they can do better. Donate, volunteer, foster, or adopt! All these things can help improve shelters and rescues.

#5 – They Do This Out of the Kindness of Their Hearts

Most importantly, everyone involved at shelters and rescues are doing this out of kindness. But even kind actions can become difficult and stressful. So, if something goes wrong during your adoption process or if someone seems difficult to work with, please give them the benefit of the doubt. Helping so many dogs takes a lot of dedication and compassion, so these humans should receive nothing but support. Instead of complaining when things don’t go your way, find out how you can help out and make a difference too.

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4 thoughts on “Here’s Why You Should Be Less Judgmental of Rescues

  1. So many great points! I am definitely sharing this! Thanks for writing this so clearly and concisely!

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