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Encourage Dog Lovers to Adopt 💕

Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I created this blog to help encourage dog lovers to adopt, and now it has been going strong for over a year and a half! It’s been hard to write new posts every week with things getting busier, but I’m so grateful to have followers that support this blog!

With that being said, I just wanted to remind everyone that I do use social media frequently, so feel free to follow me! I use Facebook to share my posts and to post cute pictures and videos of me and fellow rescue animals. I don’t have a lot of followers, but I’m hoping to grow my following soon.

Molly also uses social media to help encourage adoption too. She recently got into Instagram, where she only posts photos of her animals (Me, Taco, Wooper, and foster dogs). So, if you’re looking for cute content about rescued animals, that’s a great place to check out. She also has her own Facebook page to share writing projects she’s working on, including stuff about this blog.

If you’re interested in following any of these pages, here’s how to find them:

Thank you again for all the love and support so far! I will continue to post on this blog as much as I can, and I hope all my followers will continue to encourage dog adoption too!

One thought on “Stay Updated with Cute Rescue Animals!

  1. Hobbo says:

    One of our best dogs ever was Bella, a labrador-cross-whoknowswhat rescue dog. She was an absolute star, and we still miss her two years after losing her.

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