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Humans love leaving reviews, especially when they’re upset about something. Sometimes, this causes people to leave harsh reviews without thinking about all the factors. When it comes to pet supplies, Molly noticed that dog food often has the worst reviews. And not just certain brands, but all dog food! Of course, not all dog food is bad, so why is this?

The more we looked into these reviews, the more we saw that people were just too quick to judge a dog food brand, not realizing that not every dog will benefit from the same diets. So, reading Amazon dog food reviews might not help you find the perfect brand. Here’s why.

#1 – If a Dog is Picky, People Take it out on the Food

Most bad reviews on dog food are something along the lines of this: “my dog didn’t like it” or “my dog wouldn’t touch it”. Then, they rate it one star with no further explanation. I understand that it’s frustrating when your dog won’t eat something, but is a bad review really necessary? After all, just because your dog doesn’t like a food brand doesn’t automatically mean it’s bad.

All dogs have different preferences. For example, my favorite dog food might be disgusting to another dog, or vice versa. It’s not the brand’s fault that every dog doesn’t like the food. And just because your dog is picky about the food doesn’t mean you should make that brand’s ratings drop. So, if you’re going to rate a dog food badly, please consider more than just your dog’s preferences. That would be like a person rating a video game badly because they played it for five minutes and it wasn’t their style.

#2 – Humans are Quick to Believe Everything They Hear

The other common one-star review we saw was: “don’t buy this food, it causes canine heart disease!” Most of these are from people who haven’t even purchased the food before. In case you didn’t know, there was an FDA investigation about grain-free food being related to canine heart disease, but it was later confirmed that there was no link between the two. Most of the people who were involved in this investigation were people who were trying to sell “vet-recommended” brands with grains, most of which aren’t as healthy.

My point is that you shouldn’t rate something badly without knowing all the facts. Many people were quick to give one-star ratings to these brands without knowing enough research to back it up. So, unless you conducted your own study about the food, you shouldn’t be so quick to judge it.

#3 – Some Humans Are Biased About Their Favorite Brands

On the contrary, there are some humans who are so dedicated to one food brand that they think that food could never do any wrong. They’ll give the food a five-star rating simply because they’ve given their dog the same food for years and never had any problems. Yet, just because your dog seems find on a certain diet doesn’t mean they’re healthy. If someone can’t explain why the food is good other than the fact that their dog loves it, then that’s a problem.

Sadly, too many people are leaving meaningless reviews based on their feelings rather than the quality of the food. This can make choosing the perfect dog food incredibly difficult since it’s hard to know which reviews are based on facts and which are based on opinions.

So, How Can You Decide Which Food is Best?

The best way to decide what food is best for your dog is to look at the ingredients and decide for yourself. This might sound intimidating, but it’s easier than you’d think! The most important part of a dog’s diet is meat. So, choose a food that lists real animal protein as the first two, three, or even four ingredients. If you see any meat by-products listed, you might want to reconsider.

Also, it’s best to avoid any filler ingredients. A lot of kibble brands are packed with ingredients that your dog doesn’t really need, especially carbs. Carbs are cheap for dog food companies, so many will have more carbs than protein in their food. However, research shows that dogs don’t really need any carbs in their diets at all. So, try to find a food that’s low in carbs, but high in protein.

With so many dog foods available, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for your dog. But the more you research healthy brands, the easier it will be. If you’re still unsure how to decide, I’d recommend looking for dog foods that have never been recalled before just to be safe. Your dog’s health is a priority, so take your time when choosing what to feed them.

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