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Is it weird to talk to your dog? Humans with no pets might think so. But I’ve come to learn that many people talk to their furry friends with no regrets. Molly talks to me all the time, and she sometimes worries that others might find it crazy. But she feels the need to tell me what’s going on, such as when she’ll be home and where we’re walking to. After all, I am a part of the family!

So, we decided to do a little research to figure out how talking to your dog can affect dogs and humans. And as it turns out, it’s not crazy at all! In fact, it can actually be beneficial for both of you.

Here’s Why Talking to Your Dog is Normal

It’s common for people to judge things they don’t understand. This is why if you talk to your dog in public, you’ll probably get some strange looks. But Hal Herzog, an anthrozoologist and professor of psychology at Western Carolina University, is one of the many professionals who has proven that talking to dogs isn’t crazy. He explains that it’s normal for humans to give human characteristics to non-human creatures or objects. This would explain why you might talk to your pup like a person at times.

In fact, studies have shown that talking to your dog might be better for the both of you. Even though you and your pooch will never fully understand each other, talking to them can create a closer bond between the two of you and help them feel included. Dogs can also detect emotion in the sound of your voice, so even if they don’t understand your words, they can still know how you’re feeling.

Nicholas Epley, a professor of behavioral science at the University of Chicago, has also said that talking to animals can be a sign of intelligence. Recognizing the mind of another creature, even if they’re not human, is a complex thought that’s far from foolish. Reading your dog’s emotions and body language can even improve your ability to understand the feelings of others. So, Epley believes that people who talk to their dogs are more sensitive and perceptive than those who don’t.

Do What Makes You Happy!

If you like to talk to your dog, don’t let anyone bring you down. Most people talk to animals because it makes them happy and they know it makes their dogs happy too. So, as long as you’re feeling good and not hurting anyone, there’s no reason not to do something you love. Talk to your dog as much as you want and let them know how much you love them.

And if talking to dogs just isn’t your thing, that’s okay too. Just make sure you’re kind to others. Let them do what makes them happy without trying to bring them down. The world could always use a little more kindness.

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