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Hi everyone, it’s Mabel! I’m sorry that my posts have been less consistent lately, but we’ve been very busy around the holidays and just wanted some extra time to relax. One of the things we were busy with was finding a home for our first foster dog, Chiquita. But now, her new name is Lola Banana, so I will be respectful and refer to her as Lola from now on.

Lola stayed with us for just over two weeks. It sounds like a very short amount of time, but Molly bonded with her very quickly. She was so well-behaved and quiet, as Molly kept saying. Molly also said that Lola was better behaved than me and Taco! I think I’m an angel, so I don’t quite believe that. But anyway, she was a good dog to have around. She was so laidback and quickly felt at home with us.

Choosing a forever family for Lola was difficult. As soon as she was on the website, she received tons of applications, and they had to take her off the site not long after. As our foster mentor told us, the “little scruffy dogs” are always in high demand, even if they’re older like Lola.

The way the process worked was that the first three applications were sent to Molly and the rest were put on hold. Those three could schedule a time to meet Lola. Then, if all three still wanted to adopt her, Molly would have to choose which family she thought was the best fit.

As expected, all three applicants fell in love with Lola and wanted to adopt her on the spot. To make matters more difficult, all three of them seemed like perfect matches for Lola, and Lola loved them all very much. Molly felt terrible having to turn down two of them, but she finally decided on a nice family with three children. Lola seemed to bond with their daughter the most, so that’s how she made the final decision.

Lola’s new family came to pick her up a week ago. They were overjoyed to welcome a new dog into their family, and while Molly was sad to see Lola go, she was so happy for her. We helped her find that forever family and it was an incredible feeling. So, even though it was an emotional and time-consuming experience, we’d love to do it again! After all, fostering could save a dog’s life, so it’s a very rewarding experience too.

I’m sure Molly would’ve loved to take in another foster dog right away, but Taco and I don’t usually get along well with larger dogs. So, we need to wait until the next transport before there will be more small/medium dogs needing foster homes. The next transport should be coming some time in January, and we’ll be sure to post about our next foster dog on here! For now, I’m going to enjoy not having to share my attention with other dogs (besides Taco).

If you’ve ever considered fostering a dog, I would highly encourage it. Most humans don’t do it because they think it will break their heart. But Molly told me that it did the opposite for her. It made her heart bigger because she helped a dog in need get a happily ever after and she probably saved other dogs in the process. So, even though it’s sad to see them go, you’re helping make sure that these dogs never have to be lonely again. Fostering can save lives!

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