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Taco and I like to tear apart our toys every chance we get. Even when I find a favorite toy (like the plush hedgehog from Walmart), Taco is quick to rip it to shreds. So, I assumed that all dogs had a passion for destroying toys. But as it turns out, some dogs prefer to cherish their toys instead.

So, here are 8 dogs whose best friends are their favorite toys!

#1 – This sweet rescue dog got to pick out his toy for the first time after being adopted. He loves his bunny and carries it everywhere with him to make sure that no one takes it away.

#2 – This dog named Phoenix used to destroy all of her toys. But for some reason, she fell in love with this one and takes excellent care of it. She almost treats it like it’s her baby.

#3 – Elliot the Great Dane has had his plush dragon ever since he was four weeks old. I can’t believe how well he has taken care of it. It still looks brand new!

#4 – This dog’s favorite toy is a little more unconventional, but still very heartwarming. At least he’ll never be able to destroy his best friend!

#5 – This dog’s favorite toy looks like Santa. So, her human did the right thing and let her meet her hero in real life!

#6 – Some toys are just plain silly! Here’s a dog whose favorite toy gives him a beautiful smile.

#7 – This dog received a toy with a heartbeat when he was a puppy. When his parents put batteries back in it when he was an adult, he fell in love all over again. He won’t stop cuddling up next to it.

#8 – And finally, here’s a video of me opening my favorite toy for my birthday this year. (I’ve gotten the same toy for multiple birthdays, yet I’m always surprised and overjoyed when I open it!) It’s a cheap hedgehog from Walmart, but the sound it makes causes me to go crazy!

I hope these dogs helped bring a smile to your face! There really is no bond quite like the bond between a dog and their favorite toy!

So, does your dog have a toy for a best friend? I’d love to hear about it in the comments!

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One thought on “Dogs Who are Best Friends with Their Toys

  1. I destroyed all my toys when I was younger. We found out that it was frustration on my part that I didn’t understand what my place was within the house and I wasn’t getting enough mental and physical stimulation through the day. I got walks but they were quite short and there were few scents to satisfy my nose. My parents are busy so I got some interaction but, from my perspective not enough. So I would rip the heads off toys and leave the innards all over the house and garden. I never ate the fluff.

    Lenny has a blue fabric bone with a squeaker in it. He adores it as it is his and his alone. I am stopped from playing with it as I usually try to take it off him and then we squabble and it all gets a bit our of hand. So, he gets to retrieve it, mouth it, toss it in the air and cuddle it most days whilst I am in the garden sniffing out squirrels.

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