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Marley’s Mutts Dog Rescue in Tehachapi, California does so much amazing work for dogs. They open their hearts to all dogs in need, regardless of their age, breed, and specific needs. The reason we’re so impressed by this rescue is because they always take a chance on the dogs that other humans might consider “less adoptable.”

In fact, Molly has already written about some heartwarming moments from this rescue. This includes a beautiful deformed dog named Freddie and a two-legged dog named Cora, whose story we’ve shared on our blog. Caring for dogs like Freddie and Cora can be a little more difficult, but it’s not impossible. So, while other people might’ve given up on these sweet dogs, the kind humans at Marley’s Mutts saved their lives.

This rescue has saved thousands of dogs since they began. Their goal is to bring down the amount of dog euthanasia in the world, especially since California has such a high kill rate. But they know that rescuing dogs alone won’t solve the problem. So, they’re utilizing other tools like education to help make a difference.

Some other incredible things they do is move dogs from overpopulated high-kill shelters to no-kill shelters with plenty of space. They also have a therapy program where rescue dogs can provide comfort for the community. Additionally, they have an inmate training program, which can be a great growth experience for both the inmates and the rescue dogs. The rescue dogs live with the inmates for three months and work on training. In the end, it greatly changes both the human and dog for the better.

Like most rescues, fostering is essential for Marley’s Mutts. While they have a beautiful rescue ranch on-site, adoptable dogs can often benefit the most from time in a loving home. It’s a rewarding experience that gives dogs the chance to get used to a home environment.

Marley’s Mutts does incredible things for dogs in need, but they can’t do it without the support of the community. So, check out their website to find out how you can adopt, foster, volunteer, or donate.

Do you know about a special shelter that goes above and beyond for dogs in need? Then contact me so I can write about them on my blog! I’m also on the lookout for adoption stories from fellow rescue dogs!

Images from @MarleysMuttsDogRescue/Facebook

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