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Recently, I have heard a lot of information about prison animal programs. Now, these programs might sound scary on the surface, but they are actually beneficial for both the dogs and humans involved. For these programs, organizations let the dogs in their care spend time with prison inmates, which gives the inmates time to train a dog and it gives the dog more obedience and socialization. But how exactly does this work?

How Do These Programs Work?

Every program is different, but most of them are conducted by dog rescues. They’ll send some of the dogs in their care to a prison, where they’ll live with an inmate for a select amount of time. Some inmates might work with one particular dog the entire time while other programs might rotate the dogs so each inmate gets to interact with each dog.

Most of the time, the inmates spend time training and socializing the dogs. I’ve also heard of similar programs where inmates work with cats or future service dogs. All these programs are closely monitored to ensure that everyone stays safe and comfortable during the training.

At the end of these programs, the inmates and dogs usually come out better because of it. The rescue dogs can leave the program with better behaviors, making it easer for them to get adopted. More and more rescues seem to be implementing these programs due to their positive results.

Are They Beneficial?

Not only are these programs beneficial for the rescue dogs involved, but they can also make life better for the inmates too. These inmates get to learn kindness and compassion through these dogs. After all, caring for a dog usually makes most people’s hearts grow. Many inmates have negatively affected society somehow in the past, so this is also their chance to give back and do something kind for a change. Some inmates have even gone on to adopt dogs of their own once they’re released, thanks to these experiences.

The dogs greatly benefit from these one-on-one experiences. Many adoptable dogs are often stuck at shelters in depressing kennels. But at the prison, they get plenty of attention like they would in a forever home. In a way, it’s similar to a foster home because it gets the dogs out of the shelter. It gives them the experiences they wouldn’t get if they spent their days sitting in a kennel.

Prison might sound scary to some humans, but dogs can make it better because dogs make everything better. Dogs and humans need each other to live life to the fullest, so this program is made to benefit both the humans and dogs involved. So, I’m happy that it has become increasingly popular over the years.

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