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Dogs are the best companions a human can have. As a dog, I see no problems there. But I have recently come to the realization that dogs aren’t for everyone. Sure, most humans love dogs, but they might not be in a good place to care for a dog. Whether it’s time, money, or some other factor, not everyone can adopt a dog, no matter how much they want to. Therefore, many humans choose cats instead.

If you really want a companion, but you know you’re not ready for a dog, then there are plenty of great reasons to choose a cat. After all, many humans often forget that cats need forever homes just as much as dogs do. So, why would a cat be better than a dog for some human’s lifestyles?

Cats are Less Needy

I’ve been told that having a dog can sometimes feel like a full-time job. No matter how exhausted you are, dogs always want attention and they want to be near you. Not all humans have enough time and commitment to be there for their dog constantly. So, cats are often much easier to care for in that regard. They generally don’t need walks, baths, or games of fetch. They’re often just fine doing their own thing.

Cats are More Affordable

Dogs are very expensive, especially if you want a large breed. You’ll need to spend a lot of money on food, treats, toys, vet visits, heartworm/flea preventatives, and sometimes grooming appointments. Cats eat less, they don’t destroy their toys all the time, and they don’t need anything extravagant. Plus, cat adoption fees are often much cheaper than dog adoption fees. You definitely have to be more financially stable if you’re looking for a dog.

Cats Don’t Need Much Space

It depends on the breed, but most dogs need space to run. Sometimes, rescues will even require a fenced-in yard for large, energetic dogs. Dogs need to spend time outside to explore and to relieve themselves, but cats are often perfectly content staying inside. So, cats are more apartment-friendly.

Cats are Quieter

When dogs bark, even your neighbors can probably hear it. But cats have quiet meows that aren’t quite as noticeable and they’re certainly not as obnoxious. I know humans want dogs to be quiet, but barking is just so fun! Yet, I can understand how it might be easier to focus with a cat instead of a dog.

Cats Don’t Need Walks

For many humans, walks are the hardest part of having a dog. You need to set aside time to walk them throughout the day, which can be hard if you work full-time. Cats don’t need to go outside to relieve themselves because they can just use the litter box. So, I suppose that could save you a lot of time.

As a dog, I have to say that dogs are just more awesome than cats, but dogs aren’t for everyone. Please don’t adopt a dog if you don’t think you’ll have enough time or money to care for them. Animals are living creatures, so they can be tricky to take care of. But if you feel the need to get a furry friend, consider a cat over a dog if these things would be better for your lifestyle.

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