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For a huge dog lover like Molly, it’s difficult for her to understand why so many people buy puppies instead of adopting rescue dogs. Morally speaking, adopting is definitely the better way to go. Yet, many humans still buy dogs instead without a second thought. So, we’ve tried to see it from their point of view to help us understand why so many people choose not to adopt dogs.

Possible Reasons Humans Shop Instead of Adopt

I’ve heard all kinds of excuses from humans who purchases puppies. Some say they wanted a specific breed, others say it was just easier, and some even admit that they didn’t consider any other options. For many humans, breeding puppies is the norm. They see it as a way to get exactly the dog they want without having to look long and hard.

Of course, everyone wants the perfect dog though. Every human probably has some ideal dog in mind when choosing a new best friend. But like most things, the perfect dog in your mind isn’t always what’s perfect for you. Many humans become so obsessed with this idea of a dog that they don’t stop to consider all their options first.

Then, there are some humans who consider adopting first, but still don’t. These humans often live in areas where there aren’t as many adoptable dogs available. And when some humans can’t find what they’re looking for right away, they look elsewhere. I understand the urge to get a dog as soon as possible because we’re just that awesome, but getting a dog should not be rushed. I think all these reasons for not adopting are valid to an extent, but most of them are decisions that are made with the human’s wants overriding how dogs are affected.

The Main Reason Humans Don’t Adopt

The main reason humans don’t adopt dogs is because they just don’t know the reality of how important it is. Oftentimes, humans don’t know how many dogs are killed every year or where puppies in pet stores come from. Some might just not even consider adopting as their first option. Whatever the reason, a lack of information can often cause humans to buy puppies instead of adopt.

In many cases, humans will think they know everything about rescue dogs when that’s just not the case. They will often assume that they can’t find specific breeds at rescues or that they can’t find young puppies. But it’s possible to find what you’re looking for if you search hard enough. In some cases, you might have to wait a little longer or travel a little further, but at least you’ll be saving dogs instead of bringing more into this world.

How Can You Help Teach Others

As always, I encourage dog lovers to go out and spread the word. Educate others on euthanasia rates, puppy mills, and rescues. Show them that there’s so much more to rescuing a dog than meets the eye. Of course, adopting, fostering, volunteering, and donating are some of the best ways to help dogs in need, but educating can also go a long way.

Human who choose to shop aren’t doing it because they don’t want to help dogs. They shop because they don’t know how much adopting can make a difference. So, please help others see the importance of rescuing dogs.

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