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Humans often seem to have excuses for why they can’t help dogs in need. “I would adopt, but…” or “I would foster, but…” are things I hear often. Whether it’s time or money, there’s always something standing in the way for some humans. And that’s completely understandable! But there’s always something you can do to help make a difference. It might not be as serious as adopting or fostering, but even the smallest gestures could save a dog in need.

If you can, adopt!

Of course, the best way to save a dog in need is to adopt. Not only will you be giving your new dog a better life, but you’ll also be opening space at a shelter or rescue so that another dog can be saved.

If you can’t adopt, foster!

Many people don’t have the time or money to commit to a dog of their own for a lifetime. But you should ask yourself if a temporary companion would work for you. Fostering is a great way to care for a dog in need without making that dog an expensive lifelong partner. You’ll be giving a dog in need a more comfortable place to wait for adoption, which will likely make them much happier. Plus, it can help you learn more about how shelters and rescues work, and if you decide to get a dog of your own in the future, you’ll be able to discover which dog personalities are best for you.

If you can’t foster, volunteer!

Fostering might seem like too much work for some humans, and that’s okay. As rewarding as it can be, it’s not for everyone. So, another way to use your time without welcoming a dog into your home is to volunteer. Shelters and rescues are usually run by mostly volunteers, which can be stressful. The more people they have to help out, the easier things will be. It breaks my heart when humans complain or talk negatively about an animal organization because I imagine it’s hard to do so much work to save dogs without earning any money for it. So, volunteering can help open your eyes to how much work really goes into it.

If you can’t volunteer, donate!

Volunteering can take up a lot of time just like fostering can. So, donating might be the easier option for some people. Even though you probably won’t get personal experience this way, you’ll still feel good about what you’re doing. Caring for an adoptable dog isn’t cheap. They need food, shelter, and medical care. Donations help support this. Even small donations could make all the difference for a dog in need.

If you can’t donate, spread the word!

Not everyone has enough money to donate, and that’s okay. But even if you’re always busy and can’t afford to donate, you can still make a difference. Spreading the word about dog adoption is one of the easiest and most effective ways to save dogs in need. If you see a social media post about an adoptable dog, share it! If you have a friend looking for a dog, recommend a shelter or rescue. Whenever you get the chance, tell others about the importance of adoption and teach others about puppy mills, because it could save many dogs’ lives. There is always something you can do to help.

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2 thoughts on “How Can You Help Save Dogs?

  1. Sharon says:

    So far we have adopted two rescues and I spread the word as much as I can. Planning on fostering once Ada and Cassie complete their obedience training and we can then focus on a foster dog properly. Rescues make fantastic pets!

    Liked by 1 person

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