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Of course, you love your dog and your dog loves you. But now, it can be proven with science! A recent study conducted by Canine Cottages, a company in the UK that has lots of dog-friendly cottages available, proved that your dogs get excited whenever they hear the words “I love you.” In fact, your dog actually shows you they love you in all their daily activities.

The Study

For this wholesome study, four dogs wore special collars. These collars tracked each dog’s heart rates so the researchers could note what events made dogs excited and which ones made them relaxed. Whenever their heart rates increased, it often signified that they were excited and in love. When their heat rates decreased, they seemed more calm and relaxed.

The average heart rate of the four dogs was 67 beats per minutes (bpm). When the dogs’ parents said “I love you” to them, all the dogs responded positively. Their heart rates increased by 46% to 98 bpm.

Then, when the dogs cuddled with their loved ones, they showed a more calm and relaxed disposition. During cuddle sessions, the dogs’ heart rates decreased by 23% to 52 bpm. So, your dog loves cuddling and hearing “I love you” more than you think!

Canine Cottages also tested the heart rates of the humans too. When each human saw their dog after a long time away from them, their heart rates increased by around 10%. Clearly, the love between a dog and their human is mutual. We knew that already, but now there’s proof!

How Do Dogs Show Their Love?

During this study, dog behaviorists also analyzed the ways dogs showed their love for humans. When doing these activities, their heart rates increased similarly to when they heard “I love you.” These ways of expressing their devotion are just everyday dog habits, but for dogs, they’re huge expressions of their love.

Here are some of the many ways dogs show love for their humans:

  • Kissing and licking you
  • Curling up on your lap or beside you
  • Greeting you with a wagging tail
  • Begging for attention with nudging and cuddling
  • Bringing their favorite toy to you
  • Showing their belly or napping on their back
  • Protecting or guarding you
  • Jumping up on you
  • Destroying things that smell like you
  • Coming to you when they feel pain

Of course, not all of these actions are beloved by humans. Many dog parents try to correct some of these behaviors, such as jumping and destroying things. However, dogs don’t mean to be bad or upset you when they do these things. They have good intentions, and they’re just trying to show you they love you.

The moral of the story is that you and your dog love each other even more than you thought, and now there’s science to prove it. So, please give your furry friends plenty of cuddles and tell them you love them every day. Although, if you’re anything like Molly, you probably already say “I love you” more than once a day, and that’s okay!

How does your dog show you they love you? Let me know in the comments!

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2 thoughts on “Dogs Love Their Humans: It’s Now a Proven Fact!

  1. Charity says:

    My dog Jubee used to stick by me all the time. She was my shadow. I would be sitting next to her on the couch and I would pet her. If I stopped she would lift up her paw and gently scratch me or poke me with it or just leave it there until I pet her. It was like she was saying more more mommy don’t stop.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. How cute! My dog Taco does that too sometimes 🙂


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